Anyone intrigued with Scotland's history has heard of the famous Mary, Queen of Scots! 
The picture on your right is supposedly her "death mask". 

Apparently, when a person was
be-headed, they would take an impression of the poor bloke's face.

I made the horrible mistake of not keeping a journal during my trips, so I can't recall what materials they used to do this; nor what town I had taken this picture...
    This picture looks a            a bit creepy to me...

It wasn't until after I had strolled through this grave-yard alone that I found out it has been named one
of the
most haunted places in the world!

Apparently, people have been physically attacked by invisible hands during tours of this site...  Luckily, I didn't offend any of the graveyard's occupants!
It was displayed in a house that poor Mary spent some of her childhood in. <nice ey?> 
The make-up and hat compliments it well, don't you think....?
The pic above is of the Grey Friar's grave.  A movie was made about his little dog, Bobby, <Walt Disney Productions> who faithfully slept on his master's grave every night.  There is a statue of the dog on the street outside of this graveyard.
Another popular hero in Scotland's colorful and bloody history is William Wallace.

I'm sure that most people have seen the movie "Brave Heart", which tells the story of Wallace.

On your right, is a picture of the Wallace Monument.  The top of this tower was built to resemble a crown.

William Wallace was eventually hung, drawn, and quartered by the English for his revolts against them in Scotland's long battle to gain independence from the "Red Coat's" rule.
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