My Birthday
       The day began at 7:00 am; Tuesday morning, November 30th, 1982 when my mother, Jody, was in labor.  Her contractions were far enough apart not to go to the hospital at that time.  My older brother, David, who was seven years old, was in second grade so Mom took him to school. She went on with her day.  First, she came back home and rested for a little while.  My mother suddenly had the urge to go shopping, so she called my grandmother, her mom, to go along with her.  My father at that time owned his own business so he was working that morning.  My mother and grandmother were shopping at Wal-Mart when her contractions got closer and closer.
        Between three-thirty and four o'clock that afternoon, my mom went back to pick my brother up from school and to drop him off with our grandparents.  My mom then decided "it was time..."  My father drove my mother to St. Joseph Health Center in Kansas City.  At ten fifty-two p.m. that night the doctor then announced, "It's a Girl!"  They then realized that Darcie should be my name.
        During my mother's contractions (also while shopping), my parents panicking, and rushing to the hospital the world still spun and events still occurred. The news was in the making that day and publishers were busy printing the top news stories for next day's paper. My mother and father have had the subscription to the Kansas City Star for years and told me they remember receiving one that day.
      Many articles were printed on that day in the evening of November 30, 1982 in the Kansas City Star.  That day's newspaper was only consisting of forty-six pages. I discovered interesting events that occurred either on the day I was born or a few days before or after. The main subjects are based on either political events or scientific findings. While searching the microfilm in the Longview Library a miss print was found; two, two-page layouts were identical and were included in the forty-six page count. (What was the Kansas City Star editors thinking?)
       One historical event revolves around the legal drinking age and what Congress decides to mark the age requirement in order to purchase alcoholic beverages.  "Two cabinet secretaries told a presidential commission on drunken Monday that they favor having states raise the legal drinking age from eighteen to twenty-one." (
A8) By the year 1982 Missouri's legal drinking age was already set at the age of twenty-one.  Although, the state of Kansas the legal drinking age was eighteen.   "Mr. Schweiker, Human Services Secretary, said was a preliminary evidence was found that raising the drinking age reduces the number of deaths from drunken driving." (A8)
         Another issue that I came across while researching, deals with stock prices declining as interest rates increased in the bond and short- term money markets. Along with the stock market, starting on November 30, 1982 interest rates that savings institutions pay out on a six-month savings certificate rose to nine percent from eight point eight percent.  "The dollar rallied against most major currencies today as gold prices fell." (
B5) Basically, I learned that today's stock market is currently decreasing corresponding with November of 1982. Everything seems to flow in a cycle process as years pass by.
         On the day I was born President Ronald Regan departed for Latin America to gain peace and democracy with our fellow friends and neighbors.  He visited four countries in five days visiting with six Presidents.  Before departing President Regan made a speech. He said, "...Our trip is an opportunity to demonstrate firsthand our concern for our neighbors.  Whether our nations be of the north or the south, we can work together as partners to pursue the dreams we share. We will strengthen the democratic bond, stimulate new growth and opportunity, and promote the sacred cause of peace. That's the purpose of the journey."
NARA) The President also quoted, " When our neighbors are in trouble, their troubles inevitably become ours. We need more than just injection of critically needed funds. We need the long-term incentives encompassed in the trade and tax provisions." (A12)
          On the flip side of all the political events, entertainment was on the rise.  Top songs for the year 1982 included; Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, Jack and Diane by John Cougar, and I Love Rock N' Roll by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.  While flipping on the television many popular sitcoms were viewing including; Magnum P.I., Family Ties, and WKRP in Cincinnati. (
The prices of necessities are half of what things cost today. Buying groceries for the family would cost under eighty dollars for a week supply to feed four people. "1982 prices are as follows: bread;$0.53 a loaf, gallon of milk; $1.79, one dozen eggs; $1.11, an automobile; $9890, one gallon of gasoline; $1.28, one stamp; $0.20, and a house at $83900." (
dMarie) The average income for the year estimated at about $27,391 with minimum wage at $3.35 and hour.
          Many other events occurred on the day that I was born although many were not reported. I was born on a day that many famous people including Winston Churchill, Bo Jackson, and Dick Clark were also born on. Coincendently, I was born the same day that a close acquaintance was; with whom I graduated with, entered the world at the same hospital, and found out our Senior year of school this fact when we went to school together ever since Junior high. History plays a huge role in society and now twenty years later I'm just now finding out what occurred on that very day.