My Memory with Grandma Shaw

        When I was going through my elementary years my Dad's mother would help each of us kids with our numbers. My grandma's name is Barbara. Up until I was in sixth grade there were ten grandchildren. Grandma would host a sleepover every other week practically where all of the grandchildren would come over and she would order pizza or fix sandwiches. After dinner, we would all sit down and Grandma was the official Bingo caller. She would go to the Bargain store to buy small prizes for us, such as funky sunglasses, earrings, hats, and etc. Sometimes she would give out quarters. The age range of all the children were between 5-19 years old. Grandma would help the smaller children with their numbers. When she would go to the "real Bingo" the cards that she didn't use she would cut out and we would use them. It was so cool! Then when each of us turned 16 she took us to the "real Bingo" for our birthday! We were all addicted before the legal age. Although, it helped us with our numbers, taught us the different games from kite with a tail to baseball, and also it was a time that we all came together with Grandma to have a little fun. I will never forget playing Bingo at Grandma's house!

Growing Up...

My memories growing up include:

1. Folding up the bottom of our jeans (tightly rolled).
2. Rolling down our socks or wearing two pairs and scrunching them down.
3. (2nd grade) Vanilla Ice hit the charts with "Ice, Ice Baby"
4. Tye-Dyed t-shirts
5. Go roller skating at the local indoor skate center
6. Hanging out with my friends at the mall, movies, etc (it was so much safer!)
7. Key chain collection.
8. Hello Kitty and Lisa Frank stationary.
9. Going to the famous candy store at the mall called Mr. Bulky's.
10. Carrying around Pocket Rockers with the 1 inch by 2 inch tapes.
11. Making my older brother play Barbies with me with his trucks.
12. Going to church EVERY Sunday with the family and then breakfast at Shoney's.
13. Gulf War with Iraq in 1993.
14. Wearing L.A. Gear and Converse tennis shoes with the pumps.
15. Crimping of the hair for females and highlights just came into style.

              Family Legends

      I have two legends that I'd like to share. One on my Dad's side seems kind of morbid but it's so ironic. My grandmother just found out about a couple of days ago from her older sister and shared it with my dad and I. She said that in her family her mother and father both past away on a Monday. Grandma was one of nine children. There are still five living. The first four past away in order by age and of those four three also died on a Monday. The last one to pass away told her family at the hospital that she was not going to die on a Monday so she died on a Tuesday. Quite odd huh? The one on my Mom's side that my grandmother told me was about how her parents met. She said that her dad, Alfred, had a date planned with another young lady up until her mom's (Ruth) brother, Jack, convinced Alfred to take his sister. So Alfred cancelled his date and went with Ruth. They ended up a year later running off to get married at the ages of 25(Al) and 19(Ruth). Their witnesses were Alfred's sister and her husband. They did not have a wedding. Coincedentally, my grandma and grandpa did the same thing. They had no wedding, just got married, and my grandma's sister and her husband were their witnesses. ~Also little information that I found great-grandparents just discussed hid out Jesse James!

                                    A Day My World Stood Still

       As I watched television on the night of March 19, 2003 when the bombings started over seas in makes me reminise about the Gulf War. My cousin was a Senior Drill Sargent in Desert Storm and on second line. He came back with so many stories... especially when he told us about the bullet that skimmed through his helmet and barely missed his scalp; he had the helmet to prove it. My other cousin and I are the same age and went to the same school. Chris and I had our cousin come into our classroom and share with the whole 2nd grade what it was like. But I remember, too, my parents saved every front page newspaper from the Kansas City Star with the headlines reading "Gulf War 1990-91". From the day that the war started to the day that it ended my family and I would watch updates on television as much as we could it seemed like the world stood still from July of 1990 to June of 1991. Everyday we were concerned for our fighting soldiers, Mike Denny our family member, and our country as a whole.