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Russ Traister wins Christmas Tournament Championship
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Dustin Kifer wins Turkey Day Tournament Championship
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Hello, welcome to the one and only volleypingball home page! What is volleypingball, you may ask. Volleypingball, at it's core is the greatest game ever invented. It combines the precision and speed of ping-pong with the power and grace of volleyball.

The game was created in a small basement in the town of Rimersburg, Pennsylvania, one fateful winter day in 1999. Four men were there that day: Jason Kifer, Dustin Kifer, Mike Traister, and Russ Traister. These four never realized what they had stumbled upon.

Eventually, it was decided that an organized association had to be created to lay down the rules for the sport. Thus, the Volleypingball Association, or VPBA, was born.

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