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Subject:           Two roads diverged in a wood...

Date:               Tuesday, May 11, 1999 10:33 AM



To everyone: I am sending this press release via email because I want to emphasize certain points that I know the grapevine will completely ignore.


To those who guessed, suspected and/or prayed that I would make the following announcement: Thank you but I would really like to know what led you to believe this was a possibility--especially those who had no knowledge of my previous history.


To those who kept on asking me what I want to do with my life: I tried very hard not to lie but if I crossed the line a few times, I hope you will forgive me.


To those who knew nothing: Consider this an update. Enjoy!



Here goes:


I graduated from the corporate world last 16 April 1999. (WHY is another long story.) I sold my car a few weeks later. But not before I submitted a very important application. Last week, I learned my application for the Arvisu House Jesuit Prenovitiate was approved.  I will be living at Arvisu House while I decide whether I will travel the “Two roads diverged in a wood” path to the Society of Jesus.


Please note: I used the word “living” NOT “entering.”


The young men--called prenovices--who stay at Arvisu House are considering entering the Society of Jesus. They participate in activities that enlighten not only the prenovices themselves but also the Society as to the prenovices’ suitability for the Society of Jesus. If a prenovice decides to apply for the Society AND he is accepted, then he can “enter” Sacred Heart Novitiate.


And so, please pray for me but if I do not continue the journey to Sacred Heart Novitiate, I hope you will not assume that I “left”--because I never “entered.”






PS If you are feeling charitable, you may make your checks payable to “Arvisu House.” If you are feeling VERY charitable, you may want to ask your sons or boyfriends to call the Jesuit Vocation Director at 4266101.



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