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Charles was born in 1816 at Messing in Essex, England
On the 12th Nov. 1835, at the age of 20yrs he was indicted for larceny at the Central Criminal Court London.  His crime - the theft of 2 butcher's steels total value 7/-, the goods of one, Robert Jeffereys.  Prisoner resold stolen steels to the owner. Evidence at trial states.....
"I am a police-constable.  I heard of these steels being lost and went to some cottages at Holloway- I found the prisoner in one of them with his wife- I forced door open and said to him "What have you done with those steels?" he said, "I know nothing of them." my brother officer searched and found these steels by the side of the fire-the prisoner then said it was from poverty he did it, or words to that effect." CROSS EXAMINER:"I SHOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE VERY WORDS HE USED?" "He either said 'distress ' or 'Poverty'- there were six or eight large dogs about- the officer had to keep them off with his truncheon"
CHARLES BURRELL again indicted for stealing on 25th Oct. 1835 one steel value 2/6
(There were 2 other indictments against the prisoner)
Sent to NEWGATE PRISON to await Transportation.
His name also appears in a muster of the prison hulk "LEVIATHAN' at PORTSMOUTH where his health is shown as good but his conduct "indifferent".  He was ironed at the hulk for quarrelling, however surgeon on the voyage reported him as" very good."
CHARLES BURRELL left England aboard the Prison Ship the "HENRY PORCHER" arriving in Launceston Tasmania 15th November 1836.

PRISON RECORD gives this description: -
TRADE                        Town Butcher
AGE                               21
HEAD                          Oval, small
HAIR                            Brown
WHISKERS                 ---------------
VISAGE                       Small
FOREHEAD               Medium Height
EYEBROWS               Lt. Brown
EYES                             Grey
NOSE                           Medium Length
MOUTH                      Medium Width
CHIN                           Narrow
2 scars on back left wrist, several scars on left thumb and forefinger
Charles was transported to Tasmania onboard the prison ship "The Henry Porcher" arriving in Launceston on 15 Nov 1836.  He had been transported for 7 yrs for larceny.
Appropriation List: No 2527 Name: Charles Burrell   Height 5` 4"  Age 21yrs  Trade: Butcher.  Where Tried: Central Court. Sentence: 7yrs.  Native Place: Messing. How Appropriated: Mr Whiteker. T.L. (Ticket of Leave.)
Departed from Launceston Tasmania to Port Phillip on 25th.Jan 1845 with his wife Ellen Coghlan on board ship "Scout" Possible arrival Port Phillip 30th Jan 1845.
There is mention of Charles in "Preston- Lands & People" by H.W.Forster. Page 24. Mention of Rose Shamrock & Thistle Page 14 & 41. Charles was 1st Licensee of this Hotel
"The friends of Mr Charles Burrell, an old pioneer resident of the district, will regret to learn of his death in the Hospital, on Tuesday.  The cause of death was dropsy and extreme debility.  The deceased, who was well known at one time as one of the leading auctioneers in Ballarat, was 60 years of age and leaves a grown up family.
(The Ballarat Star. Thurs. Jan 7th 1886)
"The friends of Mr Charles Burrell, a very old resident of Ballarat, will regret to hear of his death, which occurred at the Ballarat Hospital on Tuesday.  Mr Burrell was at one time one of the leading auctioneers in Ballarat, and was then possessed of considerable property.  The cause of death was dropsy and extreme debility."
(The Ballarat Courier. Thurs Jan 7th 1886
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