Welcome to the Desert Dog's Den...
A Welcoming Bark.....
Hi there! I'll start by telling you what you WON'T find on this site. You're not going to find my, or my Aunt Ginny's, favorite recipes. You're not going to see my favorite or most memorable photos. And I'm not going to be the middleman for the latest company gossip.
   What you WILL find is Writing. I'm a writer by choice, and a working-class dog by necessity. When I'm not earning a paycheck to pay my bills, I write. I write essays - some of them highly opinionated, and even a little incendiary - short stories, longer stories, occasionaly I indulge myself with a few pieces of "desert haiku". I live in the desert, or what's left of it around Tucson, Arizona, and this experience has shaped my points-of-view and opinions on a great many things. You'll be reading  some of them here. I will occasionally post excerpts from longer works here.
   However, this site is not just my own personal Internet mirror to strut and preen myself in front of. I invite and encourage comment and discussion, whether you agree with my opinions or not. Insofar as may be feasible, I will pass along other people's remarks so that a fuller discussion of views may be possible, or at least represented.
   In short, if you're looking for something bland, keep looking. If your interests run more to the piquant, I hope you will find this site to your liking....        
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