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The Story of "Lizzy"
This is my 1973 VW bus .   It has a camper conversion done by the ASI/Riviera company from the Vancouver, Washington area.   I have had this bus for about 6 years and so far it has travelled to numerous shows and campouts, and has been from Omaha through 12 other states and counting. It has been a joy and a pain to own it, but I have learned a lot and wouldn't trade it for the world.  
The story of this bus is an interesting one.   I was out jogging when i saw a bus in a driveway, at least what appeared to be a bus.   The story goes as follows:   there was a young punk who wanted a VW bus to do the whole road trip thing so his father throws down $1500 bucks for a pretty nice 73 bus.   The son parties in it, but knows nothing about maintenance so it starts to run poorly.   Instead of fixing the bus, the son thinks it would be fun to get drunk with his friends, and beat the hell out of said bus with an axe (yes i said AX!) and then to cover it all in a fine layer of spray paint graffiti.
So back to me jogging and seeing this wonderous thing.   I took one look at it and knew I had to have it.   So the next day I stopped by the house and knocked on the door.   I asked the father if the bus was for sale and he told me it was going to the junk yard and they were going to give him $30 bucks for it, so I offered up $35, we struck a deal and I drove it home(barely)   Seeing its current state and knowing it was never gonna be a concours winner, I figured I'd fix it up as best I could.   With some industrial paint thinner "stuff" I was able to get off all the graffiti and I then used big pieces of sheet metal and riveted myself a new drivers side.   I know, someday I'll have to learn how to weld and do it right.   So as for the name I decided on, it was obvious to me that it had to be "Lizzy" after the Lizzy Borden who gave her parents all those whacks with an axe.
To get the bus running, all that was really needed to be done was to replace the distributor and to do the normal tuneup procedures.   The life of that motor was short lived though.   The PO just beat it to much, plus I was (and still am) learning the ways of the air cooled motor.   It finally snapped a valve and put it through the piston.   I still have the piston with the valve in it, its a nice paperweight.   So began my search for a new engine.   I finally found one in a classified section on the internet and it was located in Illinois.   The owner didnt know a lot about it but it had good compression and ran well when it came out of the bus so I bought it sight unseen and had it shipped to Omaha.   By the time I got the engine it was getting close to the time I was leaving for NY so I had the motor installed on a Wednesday, did a tuneup on Thursday and left for NY on Saturday.   That was a little nerve racking but the bus performed well and got me there and back.  
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