Object of the game: Destroy your human opponent in a simple shoot-em-out 
fashion - all in good fun!!!

Why 4D? because you can 'fly' through the scenery, where in this case, 
these 'unique' spacecraft allow one to embed themselves within planets, 
space junk etc so as to 'evade' their opponent. I guess another 
reason could also be that I just never finished the (object) collision detection :-) 
Yes the game isn't quite yet finished (wanted to add some gravity and computer players -  
if there's enough interest...) but it is very much playable between human opponents. 
I hope to write more about this game when I have more free time. Enjoy! 

Recommended System Requirements:

 Pentium III/500 MHz or Better minimum

128Mbytes RAM or more

32Mb Video Graphics with 2xAGP or better

More than 2 megabytes of free Hard Disk space 

Windows 98SE/Me/XP Operating System

mouse support only


CLICK HERE for spacewar4D demo SWAR4DV1.ZIP  - 385 Kbytes

Screenshot 1: Exploring the local scenery...


Screenshot 2: Typical dogfighting scene


Screenshot 3: Eat laser blast surprise!!!