An arcade-style home entertainment system Built around a single-chip 8051 microcontroller.


Why did I do this? I guess it was a test to see just what could be done (and at what cost) with 

one small but very useful piece of hardware. Back in late 2002, while I was experimenting 

with video circuits, I thought of the possibility of making a video games console, but I 

wanted to try and include as many sprites as possible (managed to get 17 into the below example - 

including the bullet). After doing some checking, I stumbled across www.rickard.gunee.com 

 and was impressed by his work involving the PIC micro. However, I was thoroughly used 

to programming in 8051 code, so I decided try and create my own unique 

console - but based on a tiny 8051.


After many hours of work - here it is (see below):


Figure 1.) The completed (rough) VGC prototype - about actual size



Figure 2: I think i got the hang of it...



Figure 3: oh well, better luck next time!




Graphics Mode (SCART output):         100 x 64 @ up to 512 selectable colors

Graphics Mode (RCA output):         100 x 64 @ up to 512 shades of grey

                     Sound capability:         'beep' capable (not yet implemented)

                         MCU:         89C2051 running @ 24MHz

     Power:         9Vdc @ 100mA 

                                    Video generator:         Up to 18 memory-mapped animated sprites.

                                                                     Video Output:          PAL B/W (RCA)  or R.G.B. Color (SCART) outputs                


Watch a short video clip of the VGC in action!!! CLICK HERE



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