Special thanks are extended to the following individuals who have donated to this collection, for the benefit of all hams.

   Al Hodson, W1AH

   Lyndel Thiesen, N7LT

   Larry Nichols, W0LN

   Bill Richardson, W4LRE

   Tom Viselli, K2UOP

   Bob Roske, AC0L

   Mark Giubardo, W1MJG

   Elmer Allen, K3LNV

   Lee Morrow, W8WFB

   Bill Barger, K3LNU

   Gary Stout, W9OX

   Mitch Wolfson, DJ0QN/K7DX

   Fritz-Ullrich Schneider DL9WVM

   Fred Maia, W5YI

   Marty Parrish, W9MLP

   Reid Ross W7HOP

Thanks are also extended to the numerous others who have helped identify sources of available books for me.
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