O.M.R.E.s -ing the remaining trauma -- from a trip to
Migraine Land

Update -- Feb. 2008:

Continuing the regimen in the month of February, I had the wonderful surprise of finding a bottle of powdered Zinergy in my shipment! And I have to say that using Zinergy Powder is noticeably better and faster than using WPG.

On one bad morning, a wedge of Zinergy Powder, and about 30 minutes changed the entire tone of the day. -- I became ("happily") functional!!

[The previous day had been spent putting hot packs on my skull, and taking blue liquid-gel pain killers. I did not make lunch, I did not make dinner and I did not get to the library, so I owe a few fines.]

I still have no explanation for the positive emotional effects which I get, outside of the idea that it may be the relief of pain, -- pain which may be "in addition to" the "overwhelmingly obvious".

I have not gotten complete relief from the pressure pains, and the EM effects (deadening of mind and perceptions), but with persistence, I have hope that this will work on the lingering side effects of the migraine experience.

I have added the use of Crystalline CoQ10 sub lingual, (not what is 'commonly called' bio-available, but your body knows what to do with it, regardless) and I resumed taking Liquid Lecithin.

Liquid Lecithin is made from Soy, and is wonderful brain food. Two active compounds which are astronomically priced individually are Phosphatidyl Serene and Phosphatidylcholine. Both are present in adequate amounts in Liquid Lecithin! Liquid Lecithin is less than $5.00 a bottle.

Who knew that "two peas in a pod" were good for your mind? Turns out it is sage advice, to partake of Soy.

I will post another update in March. I plan to continue for a minimum of six months, and see how well the regimen works out.

As of this moment, nothing has had the positive effects which O.R.M.E.s (Zinergy and ZeroLight-WPG) have had on my Migraine damage.

I feel very blessed to have found O.R.M.E.s!


Putting an allocated amount of White Powdered Gold on my tongue, I sweep it across the soft pallet, and forward ... out to the edges of the teeth.

Then I retire to meditate for a couple of hours, generally with my tongue against the roof of my mouth for the first half hour; no food or beverage.

In amount -- I use what will sit on the "smooth" end of a metal nail file, this is approximately the volume of a chocolate chip.

It takes about 45 minutes for the WPG to penetrate my upper skull and begin to work on the pressure points. After two hours I feel considerably relieved!
This being the third day, I can say that this procedure really seems to be an effective method of dealing with my pressure point pain. I plan to use the remaining WPG in this manner.

Description of conditions:

My second trip to the land of Migraine was a lolapolusa. What a pain!
I found that afterward, even weeks afterward, I seem to have lingering pain and lack of functionality.

I have decided to treat this with WPG (just plain White Powdered Gold) and meditation for a bit, and see what if anything will come of it.

The functionality issue had come up in the preceding year, when I would awake in the morning, and find that I felt completely out of sorts, my head a sorry pain, and my brain feeling like it had been mac-trucked by overwhelming EM (or what ever would make it feel half way to cottage cheese!). The phrase "no brainer" took on a whole new meaning!

At that time I had taken third of a cup to a half cup of liquid lecithin, and three cups or more of hot tea. This was very helpful in about a half hour or so.
If I took a pint bottle of blender water (Celtic salt) after the Liquid Lecithin, the positive effects were very good.

I do not seem to have recovered the functionality lost in that first year, but the use of WPG for the pressure point aches seems to be off to a great start (after only 2 nights).

It might be of note, that when I experienced the first attack, my mother was so debilitated at the same time, that I had to stay home and help her walk around; -- her balance had left her perhaps >40%.
It took her several weeks to recoup. She is fine now.

I will keep this page updated as I progress.

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