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Daily Regimen:

Four hours of exercise, --light weight aerobic, pilates, & ab work.

Moderate fasting, -- from evening until dawn, "no food". [Hard rules for difficult hours!!]

A daily outside walk to appreciate nature and soak a bit of it up (including sunshine, which I find is a tingly, tangible sensation when O.R.M.E.s are present in my system.

Meditation work, to overcome the block which has beset my efforts for almost 10 months.

Reading --to (hopefully) force integration of gold into mental functioning -- (and because it is normally part of my day).

Listening to music daily, and working in art and on the computer to encourage concomitant mental benefits.

The Terrible Truth:

Weight: --208 Pounds
Ideal Weight: --145 Pounds

Body Status: --oh so bad-- :-( -- no regular exercise since 2000. Practically a poster person for the apple body shape.

Other Issues: --Assorted aches and pains in the legs, pelvic girdle, small of back, and upper chest & shoulder areas.

Diet includes: Spinach and sprouts; freshly made carrot, apple, ginger juice; ginger-cinnamon-clove cookies (very low sugar content) and lots of green tea with stick cinnamon added.

Biological clock -- has me sleeping from 6am to 11am (???).

Images will launch in a separate window:

Beginning --Weight
Beginning --Body front
Beginning --Body right side
Beginning --Body back
Beginning --Body left side
Beginning --Aging facial issues

Updated images, after some time, work, and O.R.M.E.s:

Thirty days --Weight
Thirty days --Body front
Thirty days --Body right side
Thirty days --Body back
Thirty days --Body left side
Thirty days --Aging facial issues

Sixty days in --Weight
Sixty days in --Body front
Sixty days in --Body right side
Sixty days in --Body back
Sixty days in --Body left side
Sixty days in --Aging facial issues

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