Subjective Observations

As a
"Life Change Facilitator"

After a few days:

I now have a much better understanding of why O.R.M.E.s was called the "shem" or "the Highward Fire Stone"!

O.R.M.E.s enliven the mind's perceptual capabilities!

It is now day 5, and as I took my walk, I noticed that my mind is engaged within my immediate experiences, as if it were more alive (gifted with "the fire of life"). The immediate visual impact of day one has broadened out, and seems to be now a "perceptual field" which is enhanced.

I have yet to experience the sunlight as a tingly phenomena, but the Aqua Gold is taken as a dilute in bottled water, and may take a bit longer to build up in the micro tubules of the cells. I have not researched the biological applications of Indium, so I am not focused on their appearance as yet. (One of the difficulties of losing your computer and your access to the web!)

I will add that my two cats come and patiently await a bit of O.R.M.E.s --and have followed this procedure for days now! I give them a bit of Zinergy. I expect they also experience the enhancing effects.


Always the first thing I notice, and it is not so much a sharpening, as an increased awareness of things visual.
It seems to me that the visual support areas of the brain are the most involved. Not only have I come to expect this, I very much appreciate this!!

First noticed about 5 hours after taking Zinergy and Aqua Gold.


Generally takes longer, and there exists a handicap in that I did a full set of exercises (for the first time in 8 years) the day before the products arrived.

[Oh, don't say it, I know, bad person, bad, bad person!! Exercise should have equal time with computing, -- but it seldom happens.]

I have not noticed the energy parameters yet, but I have a certain faith born of experience, that they will manifest in due time.

Circadian Rhythm:

This seems to be correcting rapidly.


Mediation had some enhancement on the first day as well; it was more centered, and also had additional visual parameters (not "seeing", just an increase in the visual awareness during the CD, (and I did not drift off to nap-land)! Here on day 5, the meditation is steadily improving and without the stumbling block previously encountered.

I did not notice a change in the Hu, which generally accompanies O.R.M.E.s intake, but I will continue to watch for that parameter as well.
Currently the Hu is a cacophony when I go to meditate, it is jumbled, out of sync, on several levels, and has no "finesse" --which it will develop with the continued use of O.R.M.E.s! I cannot imagine what has caused this change, but it certainly does not seem for the better --and I lack an explanation for the cause.

General Body Health

Yowza! "??" ... A surprising change, as I seemed to move to an older state of my bio-rhythms! .. This will bear some watching, and hopefully yield further insights.
I have a suspicion that this is linked to the sleep cycles.

Night sleeping brings an extended upper abdomen, and a serious lack of volition to wake early! ... More on this as I progress. ...

Outside of the fact that I experienced noticeable improvements in less than 6 hours, there is nothing "extraordinary" at this point, just the dependable, desirable, beneficial effects of excellent O.R.M.E.s.

It is rather like (but faster than), getting good vitamins, minerals and great food all at the same time.

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