"Welcome to Beeblebrox Planetary Tours! My name is Woodstock Desiato Beeblebrox-Beeblebrox, and I'm your tour guide."

"If you want to begin your tour, please click on the link below! But I'd like to ask that you observe some basic rules first."

"One - This is a site devoted to my own creator's work. Everything on it, with extremely few exceptions, was written, designed or drawn by her. Where possible, all credit and links are given to the original creators of works which are used on the site.  Please do not steal anything, link-directly-to any image, or try passing off this work as your own. I frequent many other sites and I will not be happy to see her work displayed as "yours"."

"Two - This site is HUGELY graphics intensive. It may go down frequently, depending on how many views it gets. Don't worry if you see a Yahoo Screen occasionally which says it's exceeded its bandwidth. That's okay. It'll come back. Try again later on."

"Three - If you spot anything missing, broken links or information that doesn't lead where it's meant to, please contact the Creator. If you have any new images, sites to recommend, or other things, her link is on the sidebar in the main site."
"And lastly, Don't Panic! I'm trying to work out the background music but it's not working quite right at the moment. Soon, I should have some cool Zeet Band Moogie Woogie for you!"

"Now, without further delays, we've got our lemon-soaked paper napkins, and we're ready to cruise. Off we go!"

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