Home stay




Savor the hospitality of a typical Kelantanese family by opting to stay with a family of your choice. This unique home stay program enables you to get an insight into the culture and lifestyle of these simple folk. You can chose to be “ adopted “ by the family of a potter, fisherman, kite maker, batik manufacturer, silversmith, or a top maker.



Discover the home stay that is designed for you to experience the true ‘kampung‘ ambience. There will be traditional games, music and cultural activities and you will be invited to join in the cultural performances.


Activities are wide-ranging, from physical to soft recreations cycling, trekking and picnicking by the cool refreshing waterfall or you can try your hands on rubber tapping, fish-trapping or kite-flying. In addition you will gain a first-hand experience of staying with an adopted family and appreciate the warm hospitality offered, an attribute that is strongly associated with Malay families. And again, the local fruits and cuisines are something that must be experienced by visitors.



Those interested in organized trips to these places should check with the travel agents in Kuala Lumpur or Kota Bharu and make prior bookings. OR drop me a message!