The world has changed dramatically in the last quarter century. The harsh light of reality has exposed the shortcomings, the insufficiencies and mistakes in the theories of revolutionaries. There are those who cling to their dogmas and see no reason to question anything. But there are also many within the revolutionary (ultra-left) milieu who see the need to re-examine, to discuss, to confront ideas in order to achieve a clearer understanding of the challenges facing the working class and the revolutionary project in this period.


In the French-speaking part of Europe, this has led to the creation of a discussion network in which people from different backgrounds within the internationalist revolutionary ultra-left participate. This network aims to be as open as possible in order to facilitate maximal discussion. Nevertheless, the debate builds on a number of core common convictions and requires a commitment to honest discussion. It would serve no purpose to engage in discussions with stalinists or reformists or even with those who are within the communist left tradition but whose sectarianism and dogmatism negates any real debate.


Therefore, the network adopted a limited number of criteria for participation:


"Criteria for participating in the network:


1. We are not living the end of history. Liberal capitalism and its political expression, democracy, is not the terminus, the finally achieved form of human history. The capitalist mode of production, like all those that have preceeded it, is not eternal.

2. This world system is not reformable; it cannot be transformed gradually via trade unionism or bourgeois democracy. It must be overturned from top to bottom.

3. Internationalism is a condition sine qua non for belonging to the network. Real communism can only be envisaged on a planetary scale. Today, as yesterday, "the workers of the world must unite". They have no country.

4. Denunciation of all false communisms: USSR, China, Cuba, etc. For a classless, moneyless, wageless, stateless society.

5. Finally, we must respect a revolutionary ethic. This implies, without concession, intellectual honesty, tolerance and the rejection of insults. It outlaws any idea of manipulation in the name of tactics."


Since it would be impossible to discuss everything at once, the network selected the following priorities for analysis and discussion:


The themes around which the French network wants to work are: (1) Where are we in the evolution of capitalism? (2) Where are we in the development of revolutionary consciousness (how does class consciousness change)? (3) Communist society: what is it, how would it work?


Participants write on those issues, and react to each other’s texts. For the moment, the first subject receives the most attention but others also come to the fore, such as some of the implications of the criteria adopted.


Some of us in the English-speaking world who applauded this initiative, saw no reason why it should be limited to francophones. So we have launched the proposal to give the network an ‘English pole’ and we invite all interested individuals, discussion circles and groups who agree with the criteria and goal of the network to join the effort.


An internet usegroup has been formed, so that a contribution of any participant will go to all. Those who have no access to the internet can send and receive texts through a coordinating adress but are encouraged to obtain internet-access. Those who master both the English and French language are strongly encouraged to follow both ‘poles’, and to report back on the discussion in the other language, in order to achieve covergence and cross-fertilization as much as possible.


We hope to be able to foster a lively collective discussion of those issues which today confront the revolutionary workers' movement throughout the world. If you share our concerns, join us.


The web address of the French network, containing contact information, is:


To join the e-mail list on which comrades are organizing the English-language pole of the network, go to:  Or, send a (blank) e-mail to:               


If you do not have e-mail access, you can write to:


P.O. Box 47643

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Don Mills, ON

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