Texts by Internationalist Perspective
The World As We See It: Reference Points
Towards a New Theory of the Decadence of Capitalism
Deeper Into Deadend Street
Islamism: Political Ideology and Movement (October 2001)
Capitalism and Genocide
Profit Kills
Refuse Capitalism's War Logic
Real Domination and Consciousness (added October 2004)
Understanding State Capitalism
Class Consciousness in the Proletarian Revolution, part one
Globalisation and the Historic Course
The Recomposition of Classes Under State Capitalism
Order Reigns in Grozny? (2000)
Class Consciousness in the Proletarian Revolution, part two
It is Not Easy to Know What Not to Do
17 Theses on the History and the State of the Capitalist Economy
IP's Introduction to Wage Slave X's "Promises and Pitfalls of the 'Battle of Seattle'"
The Reality of 'the first war of the 21st century'
(towards an understanding of the global economic crisis)
A Discussion Network Has Been Organized
The Rationality of Self-Destruction
(December 2001)
Terrorist Attacks and the American Response (editorial from IP 39, Winter 2001-2)
The Gulf War of 2003 (August 2002)
Don't talk about the danger of war unless you are prepared to speak about capitalism! (Feb. 2003)
Seattle: towards new forms of class struggle?
(added June 2003)
How Capital's Progress Became Society's Retrogression (added Oct. 2004)
How Capitalism Changed: On the Formal and the Real Domination of Capital and the Decadence of Capitalism (added Dec. 2004)
Species Being, Social Being, and Class Consciousness (added January 2005)
Human Nature: A Work In Progress (added January 2005)
Social Being and Species Being: A Response to Rose (added January 2005)
The Political Need for a Concept of Decadence (added November 2005)
The Genesis of Capitalist Decadence (added November 2005)
On Decadence: Elements for a Response to Some Critiques (added November 2005)
For a Non-productivist Understanding of Capitalist Decadence (added November 2005)
New Technologies and the Visibility of the Revolutionary Project (added November 2005)
Technology and Consciousness: a response to Raoul (added November 2005)
Trade Unions: Pillars of Capitalism (added November 2005)
An Appeal to the Pro-revolutionary Milieu   (February 2009)