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Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.                 -Andre Gide-
Movies (above, from Waking Life) and Urban Decay (right, from the Michigan Central Station in Detroit, MI). Two of my great passions in life.
August 15, 2007 - 4:14pm
"So what if I haven't updated this thing in almost 2 years" or "I have a website?"

Hello all. It's been...oh...a long, long time since I updated this website. I have grown closer to some new people and farther away from others. I have graduated college with a Theatre-Acting and Theatre-Directing/Design major and am working on finishing up my History (European) one. I have lived at the same address in Little Italy (the near west side of Chicago for those of you unfamiliar with Chicago neighborhoods) for almost two years as well. It's been a fascinating, trying, rewarding, terrifying, cringe-inducing period of time. I now find myself finished with formal education (for now, anyway) and trying to figure out how to find meaning and make sense of it all without a ritual structure guiding the way. I don't mean to sound dark, but it's a very interesting journey. Hopefully, I'll update this more frequently  as a way of putting down my thoughts and figuring out how to look at myself, and if you comment, how others look at me.


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Welcome to The Officially Unofficial Fred Uebele Web Page. This page is dedicated to the thinkers, dreamers, and admirers of this flawed orb that we happen to inhabit. As I expand this website, I hope to include every single thing that makes this crazy world a little more interesting, exotic, and beautiful. Because when you scrape away the grime of everything, life is grand. It really is. There is so much ugliness, but our challenge is to rise above it and make something out of the time we have left.

My knowledge of web design is spectacularly limited, so if things look generic, there's a reason. But look beyond the simplicity to find the inner depth...
I must stop fooling myself.
I already know the answer.
I wonder if I was right.
I wonder where I am going.

The forces in my life
Have me both coming and going.
I know where I'm going,
Just not how I will get there
I know what I have to do,
But not how to do it.

Where do you go?
When you know what your goal is,
But not how to get it.
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Ok. So I'm succumbing to the powers that be (the voices in my head) and reintroducing a guestbook. Keep it clean...or not...I know my friends...