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Saturday, May 4, 2002
Wakkanne Is Alive!!!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled website, already in progress...


My name is Suzanne, but they used ta call me Ringo Starr and wAkKo wArNeR in 1 on CHAThiles (an X-Files chat site. Go fig). I'm Wakkanne on WTnet's #warnercafe. I love the Animaniacs and the Beatles! My favorites? Why the middle Warner sib, Wakko Warner and the Beatles' drummer, Ringo Starr of course! Wakko's the cutie with the blue turtleneck and red cap. If ya don't know who Ringo is (and I pity you), look for him on this page somewhere.

[Truly the Faboo Four]

Animaniacs and the Beatles on one Page Together?

I'll bet you're wonderin' if I'm gonna explain the connection on my page between the Warners and the Beatles. As Ringo made this remark in "Help!" "I will. Read on!"

If you've ever watched Animaniacs, then you should be familiar with Wakko's, rather unusual and quite different from his siblings, liverpudlian, accent. I have read and been told that it is modeled after the Beatles' drummer, Richard Starkey (aka: Ringo Starr). Although, some would protest that he sounds a little like another Beatle, George Harrison. I would say that Wakko Warner is supposed ta be like Ringo with the same certainty in which others would say Yakko Warner is supposed ta be like Groucho Marx. Ringo just suits Wakko sooo well. >( |>=0 )>

[Ringo Starr][Wakko Warner]Ringo Starr and Wakko Warner. In one?

It wasn't surprisin' ta me when I found out that my assumptions had been right. Wakko's voice actor, Jess Harnell, said it himself that he used his Ringo impression ta get the part. It only seemed obvious ta me that Ringo and Wakko should be connected. Venice Buhain agrees, who comments, "The real drummer for the Beatles, revealed!" in this interesting touched up cover of the Beatles' Abbey Road album:

[Wakko the Beatle]

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