QU'APPELLE TITAN SOLAR FLARE - A1021817

Sire: Qu'Appelle Bravo Titan                Dam: GCH Qu'Appelle Supersonic Eclipse

SS: ++*B Missdee's R.M. Bravo            DS: CH Iron-Rod Supersonic
SD: Qu'Appele RV Titian                     DD: GCH Qu'Appelle Rembrandt Gazelle 3*M

Titan was a beautiful buck who had the most beautiful shoulder assembly you could have asked for. His dam easily finished her championship at her first shows as a yearling, her LA: FS 92 EEEE and her milk record: 3/0 305 4040 137 . Titan's LA scores: 1/01 FS 88 VVE (stature40) /Shoulder assembly E/  Back and Rump E. 2/0 FS 87 VEE -stature 50/strength 34/dairyness 35/rump angle32/rump width 35/rear legs side 33/rear udder height 40/head E/back E/rump E.. He is linebred on GCH Wa Shaw Me Snowbird who was twice ADGA National Champion and once Reserve and also has in his pedigree GCH Iron-Rod Rev Sutra who was the 93 ADGA National Champion and best uddered Alpine. His Semen is available at the farm, e-mail or call for availability and price. Quanity getting very limited.
                   TEMPO AQUILA COPYRIGHT- A1079096

Sire: +B Missdee's Barracuda                    Dam: Tempo Aquila Offset

SS: +*B Missdee's Rocket Master              DS: *B Tempo Aquila Free Radical
SD: CH Missdee's Dauphin                        DD: GCH Green Valley Jex Isis 5*M

Copy was black & white spotted. He was wide, level and stood on sound feet and legs with excellent angulation and short pasterns. Barracuda was the Premier Sire of the '95 Nationals and also 3rd place Senior Get of Sire at the 98 Nationals. His Dam Offset was the high selling doe at the 98 Colorama Sale. His Grandsire Radical is 1st place Jr. Get of Sire at the '02 ADGA Nationals. Semen is available at the farm, e-mail or call for availability and price.
                *B CHATEAU BRIANT'S DYNASTY- AA1154473

  Sire: *B Sweet-Dreams Encore Maestro        Dam: GCH Chateau*Briant's Juno 8*M

  SS: +*B Hoach's Encore Performance            DS: +*B Chateau*Briant's Vaquero
  SD: GCH Sweet Dreams R. Romance 1*M     DD: Chateau Briant's Jinger 7*M

Dynasty's information is listed on our
Reference page. LA 1/05 FS 86 VVV - stature 40/dairyness 36.Semen is available at the farm, e-mail or call for availability and price.
                  *B WALNUT-MTN. HAVE-A-COPY-A1133625  

Sire: *B Tempo Aquila Copyright                 Dam: Udder-Way Havoc 1*M

  SS: +B Missdee's Barracuda                         DS: *B Udder Way Signature
  SD: GCH Tempo Aquila Offset 6*M             DD: CH Udder-Way Hera

  Happy is very heavily boned and solid with tremendous width throughout. He stands on very good feet & legs with great angulation. His temperment is just like his name. The udders behind him are fabulous. He reminds me of his Granddam Hera, who was a gorgeous doe. She was 1st place yearling milker with 1st place udder at the '93 ADGA Nationals, 5th place 2 year old at the '94 Nationals and 8th place in '96. His Dam was 5th place intermediate kid at the Nationals. He now resides with
The Windemuller's in Michigan. Semen is available at the farm, e-mail or call for availability and price.

  Sire: *B Missdee's Tambourine Man            Dam: Kickadee-Hill Persephone

  SS: ++*B Nixon's Ranchman                        DS: +B Missdee's Jack of Hearts
  SD: GCH Missdee's Maybelline 1*M             DD: Kickadee Hill Kiss Ya Patricia 2*M

Bo's LA 2/04 FS 88 V+E stature 50/strength 34/rump width 35/head E/shoulder assembly E/legs front E.  We had a lot of fun with Bo, he was the first buck that I had ever shown and he taught me alot. He easily finished his championship. He is a very powerful buck that stands uphill on excellent feet and legs.Very wide front and rear and level.
                    CHERRY GLEN INMAN TUCKER - AA1223250
                                               DOB - 3/5/02    Pied

Sire: *B Cherry Glen Tierro Inman    Dam: GCH Cherry Glen WFSC Tecoa Touchee
                                                                        ( 4th Place 3 yr. old - '03 Nationals)
SS: ++*B Shahena'ko Sumo Tierro           DS: Walnut Fork Sundance Cheyenne
SD:GCH Cherry-Glen TRI Alice's Indigo  DD: GCH Cherry Glen MMM Holly's Tecoa

Semen is limited.
                         WALNUT MTN. PETER PAN - AA1221449
                                   DOB:3/18/02                  Belted Chamoise

Sire: Chateau Briant's Dynasty               Dam: Paisley Park GE Escapade

SS: *B Sweet-Dreams Encore Maestro      DS: *B Walnut-Fork R. Group Effort
SD: GCH Chateau*Briant's Juno 8*M      DD: Paisley-Park T. Esperanza
Petie kid photo