Merle is the lovable cat-girl from the spectacular anime Vision of Escaflowne. Merle, being a cat-girl, acts much like a cat throughout the series. She is a stealthy, sneaky thief, like most cats would be. She also runs on all fours at times, she licks people when happy, and her fur bristles when she is angry. She is also sometimes seen cleaning herself the way a cat would, by licking her hands.

Merle is Van's childhood friend and is very overprotective of him. She refuses to let any other females come close to Van, and will try to scare them off. In the beginning, Merle is very wary of Hitomi, as she feels she will steal Van away from her, and they seem to argue a lot, but throughout the story, Merle shows that she does care about Hitomi, and grows to see beyond her initial jealousy.

Unlike many other anime characters in the same situation, when Merle glomps Van, he does show affection to her. Van cares for Merle a lot, as they are very good friends, and have been together for a long time. Merle and Van are both alone in the world and have only had each other for most of their lives.

Merle grows up to become mature, smart, and caring after the adventures in Escaflowne, and becomes less protective of Van. She even encourages him to tell Hitomi how he feels near the end of the show. After the battle with Zaibach is over, Merle is seen helping people rebuild their homes and towns.

Extra Info

Age: 13 years old

Seiyuu: Ikue Ohtani

First Episode: Episode 2 (Girl from the Visionary Moon) Does not appear in the Vision of Escaflowne manga

Birthday: Orange, 30th moon (June 30th)

Birthplace: Irini, a town in Fanelia

Weight: 30 kg

Height: 150 cm

Eyes: Bright Blue


Merle licking Van's face

Merle glomping Van happily

Hitomi, Van and Merle

Merle glomping onto Van

Millerna, Moleman, Hitomi, Van, Merle and Allen

Merle holding onto Van

Merle glomping a very shocked Van

Merle holding onto Van as Dryden talks

Merle giving Van advice about Hitomi as she holds onto him

Merle looking at the stars

A cool Merle picture

Merle holding tightly to Van as he helps Hitomi