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After looking all over the web to find places that sold swords for stage combat, I decided to post the list of what I found here.

I have noticed that some places say they have "stage combat" swords, and others say "battle ready" or "re-enactment" swords. Some don't say what their swords are for, but they appear to be blunt, rather than sharp. I'm not sure of the difference, but I have separated these sword merchants into categories based on what they claim their weapons are built for. Please note that any purchaser and/or user of these items does so at their own risk and I make no guarantees about anyone's products.

Note: you will not find exclusive makers of sharp swords, wall hangers, or "sword-like objects" here.

For more resources about stage combat, go to Home Page for Captain Zorikh's Stage Combat Resources

Last updated 3/20/2008

Stage Combat Weapons

Forte Stage Combat
ARMART : The Art of Arms
Imperial Weapons
Starfire Swords, Ltd.
Arms & Archery
Hollywood Combat Center
Arms and Armor
Medieval Ware

Re-Enactment Weapons

Therion Arms
Lancaster's Armorie, Ltd.
Castle Keep Reenactor's Supply
The Jelling Dragon
Medieval Ware

Unclassified weapons

Zauber und Kurios - Schaukampfschwerter
Hobby und Brauchtum
American Fencers Supply Company
Darkwood Armoury

The following links no longer seem to work. If anyone has any news about them, please let me know.

Twilights Door
Heimrick Arms
Highland Steele Swords
Scottie Armory

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