Watch This Space Enterprises, in cooperation with Rula PR and Angel 503Z present
The First Ever


Watch This Space Enterprises, in cooperation with Rula PR and Angel 503Z, is proud to announce its first ever DOWNTOWN TRIBAL PARTY on Wednesday, July 27, at Lava Gina, 116 Ave C bet. 7th & 8th Sts., NYC, 8:00pm to Midnight.

The theme of this party is to create a confluence of wild, primitive, unrestrained, "tribal" cultures, real and imagined, for an exciting, unforgetable evening of music, dancing, and entertainment. Think Dark Ages, Celtic, Nordic, Aboriginal, Indian, Native American, Arabian, African, Asian, Pacific islander, Gypsy, nomad, hunter-gatherer, barbarian, Casbah, "primitive," fantasy, mythological; Kilts, leather, fur, feathers, silks, sarongs, veils, masks, face paint, body paint, tatoos, jewelery; Think the Norsemen's funeral party in "The 13th Warrior." Think the pre-battle party in "The Scorpion King." Think the city of Shadizar in Conan. Think a really wild party at Pennsic or a Dark Ages Burning Man or wherever your imagination may wander.

We would like to invite musicians, dancers, and entertainers of this theme to come, perform, jam, dance, and have fun.

Musicians: drums from bodrans to bongos, djembes to dumbeks, taiko to conga, and everything in between and beyond; didjeridoos, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdys, mandolins, thumb pianos, anything earthy, exotic, unique, primitive, or "tribal."

Performers and dancers: Middle eastern, "belly" dance, poi, hula, capoeira, "tribal," jugglers, hoopers, etc. Release your inner primitive!

Currently the following performers, musicians, and artists have agreed to be present (listed alphabetically):

N.Y. Rocks TV will be present to record the festivities for future broadcast!

This is part of a series of "Monthly Mayhem" parties intended to not only knock people out of their comfortable early 21st-century existences, but also to encourage people of various exotic talents to mix and mingle, showcase their talents, possibly even to form new creative alliances. Promoters, PR people, investors, and other influential people are invited to discover what new and exceptionally exciting talent is out there!

There is also limited space for visual artists within the theme of this party to display and sell their wares.

There is NO COVER at this event!

Contact Zorikh at if you are a dancer, performer, musician, artist, or are just interested in attending the party.

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