wa wa nee :: fantastic Aussie band from the 80's to early 90's ::

This is my little tribute to a band that I adored in the 80's.

Their hit's include Stimulation, So Good, Can't Control Myself, Sugar Free, One & One (Ain't I Good Enough?) & more.

This unique Aussie band is remembered for their sassy tunes, great lyrics and fantastic live performances! I frequently hear Stimulation on the radio during 80's play backs!

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Keep the Wa Wa Nee spirit alive!

Zeppelin Flies Again a huge success! Described as "extraordinary", the Zep Boys accompanied by the VSO gave The Crown Casino a healthy dose of Zep heaven!

Steve Williams' performance was described as a "treat". Well, we knew that already didn't we? Well done guys!

Zeppelin Flies Again! Tickets are finally on sale for the October 17 & 18 show @ The Crown Casino.

The Zep Boys line up is Vince Contarino, Steve Williams, Damien Steel Scott and Mark Chewey.

The sensational 61-piece Orchestra Victoria are proud to be a partner in this spectacular concert, where every instrument will be mic’d and amplified to go toe-to-to with the roar of the guitars.

$79.00* per ticket (*Includes booking fee & GST. Transaction fee applies to phone charge and internet bookings - $7.95 per booking (not per ticket).

here for booking info + seating plan.
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Steve Williams @ the Crown Casino Melbourne
October 17 & 18 2006

Steve Williams will be performing with the Victorian Symphony Orchestra (VSO).

Steve Williams

This amazing event has 70 musicians onstage, including Steve on Lead Guitar & will feature the dynamic music of Led Zeppelin.

This event is not to be missed!


Paul Gray performed in "Idols of the 80's"

The dates were:

Sat Aug 5 2006: Doyalson RSL (NSW)
Fri Aug 4 2006: South Sydney Juniors (NSW)
Fri Oct 14 2005: Melb, Crown Showroom (VIC)
Fri Oct 28 2005: South Syd Juniors (NSW)
Sat Oct 29 2005: Fairfield RSL (NSW)

Chris Murray on Sunrise (Ch 7) rates Wa Wa Nee as the number one 80's band we'll never hear from again.

Let's hope he is wrong!

Here's the whole list:

"Chris Murray has given his verdict on the five 80s bands we'll never hear from again.

1. Wa Wa Nee
2. Julian Lennon
3. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD)
4. Kenny Loggins
5. Huey Lewis and the News"

Check out Wa Wa Nee on the DVD "Aussies Never Looked So Good" & "Pop Never Looked So Good".


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