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Online since March 2000, and backed up by more than five years of research and two hundred and thirty machines.  Contributions from collectors around the world.  Machines from every continent and of all ages and kinds.  Exclusive material presented here for the first time in all-original content.  If you are interested in portable typewriters, this is your new home!
These websites were launched by Will Davis in March 2000. 
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The articles produced for Will Davis' websites are the result of both years of research and the acquisition of an enormous collection of typewriters and information.  Each of the things seen on his sites is unique; many of them were first mentioned on the internet, or even in print of any kind, here.  More discovery has gone on at these sites, historically, than on any other.  The articles have been viewed many thousands of times, and have withstood critical investigation.  The author would like to thank the many collectors who have helped in this endeavor.
The original articles from my original website.
How to identify your portable typewriter. 
Why collect portable typewriters?
About my site; history and development.
"Collecting Portable Typewriters" including the 1950's Smith-Corona feature breakdown
John Cameron Swayze's COLE-STEEL portable typewriter
Typewriters as educational tools for stimulating the imagination and mechanical skill
Links to other typewriter sites
the Portable Typewriter Forum and more links to other sites
the Final designs of the big US Typewriter  Manufacturers to be produced
Shanghai Golden Bay Typewriters and the ROVER family
Portable Typewriters by Will Davis
The pages above contain the whole content of my original website, "Portable Typewriters by Will Davis." The Portable Typewriter Forum
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ALPINA    The ultimate portable typewriter in terms of engineering; made in West Germany.
BARR    Eight pages about the Barr portable typewriters, the companies that built them, and the model variations.
BULGARIA    Machines built by Typewriters Works, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.   Maritsa, Omega and more.
COLE-STEEL    Details on this late 1950's machine, as well as the related ABC from West Germany, plus Messa of Portugal.
COMMODORE    Both imported and relabeled machines, as well as license-built Consul machines from this Canadian company.
CONSUL    A look at portables made by Zbrojovka Brno, Prague, Czechoslovakia.
CORONA & SMITH-CORONA    A guide to body styles and identification, 1913-1970's
ELECTRIC PORTABLES    The "genesis" Smith-Corona 5TE plus the next few mechanical developments in electric portables
FK MALA    Polish-made portable with an extremely short production run.
GERMANY    A look at the various machines from the former West Germany, and the former East Germany.
HALBERG,  DEL MAR    A research article about the extremely rare Halberg from the Netherlands, and its Nippo and Royal relatives.
Brief coverage of both HERMES and FACIT
ITALY    Coverage of Olivetti, Antares, Montana and IMC machines.  Includes Olivetti gallery.
JAPAN    Coverage of all Japanese-made portables, with special pages on several brands.  If it's Japanese, it's here.
KOREA    Machines made by K-Mek, Inc. with its own brand name CLOVER, and others
MODEL 100    Research article about the (formerly mysterious) Chinese Model 100, and what it's developed from.
OLIVER    Early and later Oliver portables, and the Euro-Portable family which was license-built all over Europe.
REISESCHREIBMASCHINEN    Three pages on small, flat travelling typewriters, chronologically displayed.
REMINGTON    Guide to post-World War 2 Remington-Rand and Sperry-Rand manual portable typewriters.
ROYAL    Follow the Royal brand name in portables from the very beginning to the very end, skipping extremely few, if any.
ROOY    The "Holy Grail" of portables, featuring design, history and production. 
Teardown of a portable:  See the actual mechanics of a Consul machine, and the final mechanical concept in portables.
Toy typewriters:  Keys, type bars, ribbons, yes - but durability, equality no.  Typewriters for kids from "back then!"
UNIS    Made in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.
VOSS    Several pages on this company's history and machines, and a special feature on the ultra-late Voss Privat.
Pages linked below are more general in nature, and serve as further reference and research tools.
Cross-Reference Page    Discover many unusual brand names and models, all of which are NOT the original manufacturer's label for a machine, and reference them to the original brand and model.
Portables NOW    Information on machines being built new right now, and those still available from on-hand stocks.
Relabeling of Portable Typewriters.  An article explaining how one design made in one place shows up with so many different names, and also showing how one design can come from more than one place.  Must-see for new collectors!!!
TIPPA    The original Gossen Tippa, and later Tippa machines.  Part of the Reiseschreibmaschinen article.
BROSETTE    Very hard to find West German portable; article in conjunction with Historischesbuero.
BROTHER    Special page on one of the most successful modern typewriter manufacturers.
Machines which I consider the best for actual typing and daily use, in several brackets.  Also, one of the worst.
Swiss Zephyr   An oddly marked machine to say the least -- and a mysterious one
A look at some patent drawings for key lever / type bar mechanisms; why machines type so differently, and some information on technical terms I use fairly often on my sites.
Will's Typewriter Annex A multi-page internet resource for those who collect and use typewriters.  Articles and pictures of interest, with the main focus being support for those who actually purchase typewriters to use.  Resources include operational tips, maintenance tips, an article on internet purchases, and links to actual supplies and manuals.  Finally, an online one-stop support source for typists using portables.  Launched September 2005.
UNDERWOOD    Portables variously 1919-1980's, focusing on the 1950's
Portables 101 / 201 / 301    Your complete course in collecting modern portable typewriters, beginning to advanced.
CALANDA    Rare Swiss-made portables from the 1940's/1950's
SOVIET PORTABLES    Machines made in the former Soviet Union (USSR).
ONLINE TYPEWRITER MANUAL       Learn how to operate ANY typewriter here.                NEW !
DIANA portable
AUSTRALIA   A world apart!! new