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see my Xanga

my random stuff.... Just lettin u know im:
and also half
*~.Me & Carlos.~*

el lago de Atitlán en Guatemala

Me and Fabiola

gotta represent my Chi town

and a shout out to all my mixies out there!

some more Guate pride cuz u know u can never have enuf!!

some different ways of lookin at Jesus

Latinos Unidos--we gotta unite if were ever gonna improve things for ourselves, no more hatin on each other!

me and tha girlz

me and Dennis

we miss u and that fiiine chocolate, Eric! heehee

me and Brenda

con mis primos

me with my hermanito when we were little

mi familia

with my friends

chillin in Dallas TX

me and my roommates

me and the girls...and Jordan

gettin crazy after Feb Formal 2001

OMD banquet
My Xanga

I am Esmeralda!
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You're the loving smile,the one that is entirely
devoted to others,especially that one
person.You really can't get them out of your
head,but then,you don't really want to.

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Hey, guess what? I'm a--

I'm a Green Yoshi!

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