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New Life Ministries
514 Maryland Str,
Winnipeg, Mb R3G 1M5
Phone: 204-775-4929
Rev. Harry Lehotsky

Our neighborhood is getting better, and part of that is a "zero-tolerance" attitude to crime.

As a community service, we are starting to publish license plate numbers of cars which
appear to have been used to pick up, or cruise for, known prostitutes in our neighbourhood.

We are not accusing people of any criminal activity, but want to let owners of vehicles know what their car has been used for in our area.

We don't even assume that the driver of the vehicle is the registered owner - but the owner should be notified that the actions of the people using the car may lead to police impounding of the vehicle or other problems.

We believe the owners should be warned how their car is being used! The information will be collected only by people trained and designated to patrol the area. Sometimes license plates are stolen and used by others.

No one will give us the phone numbers of owners of these license plates, so we can't call them personally to let them know of our concern. We would prefer that!! This is the only way left in which we can try to get word to them of our concerns. If you have a better idea, please let us know.

We are also working with police to have notices of our concern delivered to homes of the registered owners of the vehicles. Residents here have requested that at least some of the notices be delivered in the Police "ANTI-PROSTITUTION" van.
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If your plates are on this list & you have a reason they should not be here,
you are welcome to contact us...
A man in a dark car (license EDG 085) persistently propositioned
and tried to pick up a high school student walking to church. The mom of this girl almost
caught him! Rumor has it that if this car shows up in the area again, it may be "decorated" in unwanted ways.
Vehicles seen making short "visits" to buildings under surveillance
for suspected crack dealing & prostitution:
D 44475 White Tempest - behind a Maryland house - 10/18
D 46407 Pickup truck - behind a Furby house - 9/15 - 4:20am
These are auto "dealer's" plates! Is the "dealer" okay with his plates being used?
DCB 991 Blue Neon on a Sunday aft behind a Maryland house - 8/4
DMB 820 Red car 4 guys - created lots of activity in a suite on Maryland - 10/9 4:30am
BLP 236 Dark SUV - Sunday 10/20 early AM by 510 Maryland -  nice car! bad habit??
Grey Sports Utility Vehicle (License "STOREY")

Car seen picking up local prostitute at McGee & Ellice (9/18 - 6:40pm)
Did you borrow that car? Do your family and co-workers know? You seem to be a regular cruising around here - what exactly
is your problem?
AAG 410 (Green car, older man) - Yesterday you were observed picking up a hooker in your car. When you realized you were being watched & your license recorded, you made her get out and tried to explain. Problem is, the "bank" you were going to has been closed for about 8 years.
DEJ 723 / Cruising Minivan (circled in the area at least 6 -7 times) - Friday early evening July 27
You seemed pretty nervous when I knocked on your window. You were observed turning down
Toronto, and coming back to meet a prostitute at that corner.
ALERT!!!  -  While we are collecting video of prostitution and drug transactions for eventual posting on the Internet - we DO NOT bribe people by offering to delete their video or license plates for money. That is bribery and we will do all we can to encourage prosecution of the jerk that's phoning people at home to blackmail them - claiming to be part of a community group. It's more likely that he's some scuzzy pimp or dealer getting even more greedy! 
Please call us if someone has attempted to bribe you in this manner.
BBX 686 - White Pontiac Lemans - June hooker pickup
BYJ 127 Grey van - 2 hookers picked up - Ellice & Toronto 2/11 1pm
BNK 299 Grey car - hooker pickup - Ellice & McGee 2/2 9:15pm
AMP 801 Red pickup - hooker pickup - Ellice & Furby 12/18 3:40pm
ACZ 707 Black truck - Ellice & Maryland - hooker pickup
BXZ 275 Red pickup - hooker pickup - Ellice near Toronto 11/1 1:30pm
AYM 123 Blue Sunbird - hooker pickup - Ellice & Langside 10/16
BZC 800 Blue minivan - 3 males pick up 1 hooker - Ellice & McGee 10/13
SNW 352 Blue 4x4 GMC - hooker pickup - Ellice & Langside 10/12
BRG 409 White Toyota - hooker pickup - Ellice & McGee 10/6
BCG 705 Red Honda - hooker pickup - Ellice & McGee 10/5 10:20pm
AUV 627 Maroon Toyota Van - hooker pickup - McGee & Ellice 10/5
BHC 293 Grey Ford 1/2 ton - hooker pickup - McGee & Ellice 10/2/00
BCJ 319 BlackJeep - hooker pickup - McGee & Ellice 9/29
AMD 633 Green Minivan - hooker serviced him! - McGee near Ellice
BZW 876 - Maroon car picked up hooker behind 517 Maryland on May 28
DEX 685  Jeep - 7/17 hooker pickup
OCY 741 Gemini logo on pickup 12:40 on 7/15 hooker pickup
AJF 808  reddish Jeep Cherokee 3:35 on 7/15 hooker pickup
AFB 877 white car in hurry to pick up hooker on Ellice 7/16, 1:50am
D47 517 Silver Toyota - behind church on Maryland, abusive 7/11
ANZ 545 White Ford - hooker pickup 7/9
DCB 603 Black Pickup - hooker dropoff on McGee 5:30am August 2
DGY 308 Gold VW Beetle - guy & hooker parked on McGee and snuck off to suspected drug house on Maryland - caught ya!! - August 27, 6pm
BWV 156 - Friday early morning - Maam, what were you dropping off?
APZ 230 - Grey wagon - 2 guys & 2 hookers & double deal? 10/9 4:45am

If your plates are on this list & you have a reason they should not be here,
you are welcome to contact us...
Cars which appear to be trolling for prostitutes (passed along by Home Street residents and also given to police)
We are collecting video on other streets connecting vehicles with the prostitutes we know to be working the area.
We are looking for the best way to post the information. Please leave us alone! We're trying to fix up the area and you're not helping us.

July 17 From 10:45pm - 12:30pm:  DAT 999 - a red sportscar; BZW 479; AGL 156; DDC 469 (driver propositioned hooker); BZX 451; XAB 381
July 15 From 5:00 a.m. to 5:45 a.m.:  DCB 706; BNN 970; CBE 428; APZ 510; RSN 316; DCV 426; DBN 548; AFX 899; DCG 921; DCB 706;
                                                     BPR 106; DEP 707; DPT 923; AHA 234; BWP 601
July 15 From 1:00 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.: BMW 240; AXW 345; CAA 221; BEC 917
July 14 From 10:00 p.m. to 10:15 p.m.: DAT 991; ADY 508; BPK 992; ARD 248; BKF 698
Be careful to whom and for what your car is borrowed.
Beware of strung out "hitch-hikers" gesturing for a "ride"
Some of these women have TB and you don't even need sexual contact to get that!
"Bad Dates" (incidents from other parts of town)
Directly quoted from the Street Connections Newsletters
- An older white guy with a stocky build, driving a blue Ford F150 pick up truck. He is extremely dangerous and may be cruising track.
- On Monday August 28, three-four white guys were driving in a white pickup truck with grey primer on it, they drove by a girl under the bridge on Higgins and were throwing things and something hit the girl in the face.
-  On August 24th on Ellice & Young a gal was picked up and taken to St. Boniface. The guy was driving a blue Dodge minivan, 1994, in good condition and license plate BMF 144. The guy is white, short, blue eyes, short brown curly hair and a beard and moustache. Said his name was RICK. Took her to the place and said he had no money. There was a screwdriver on the dash, and he verbally threatened her to do whatever he wanted. She let him, and he left her there.
More plates coming soon!
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