"Restoring Homes - Building Dreams"

The housing ministries of New Life Ministries started long before we did any formal work with the "issue" of housing. As our community church started to grow, the commitment of our members grew to the point where finding quality long-term affordable housing was important.

We wanted to stay in the community, not just live here until it became possible to move away. In the process, several members purchased and renovated houses for themselves. Others formed partnerships with landlords who also attended our church, and church members helped renovate several homes in this way as well.

After awhile, we looked back and saw our part as volunteers & church members in the renovation of seven homes within three blocks of the church. Our basic experience in renovation and project management enabled us to undertake a renovation and eventually an expansion of our church building.

As the housing stock in this community declines in quality, there is a growing number of boarded up or vacant homes. On our prayer walks through the community, we prayed for God to fix & fill some of the boarded-up trouble spots in the community. We slowly came to the realization that although we have a very small church, God wanted us to be involved in the answer to those prayers. Slowly, we have tried to get into the "issue" of housing in a more organized manner.

We started with a house on Beverley, purchased from the city, renovated with the help of $15,000 seed money from the Sill Foundation and about two years of donated materials, funds, and much volunteer labor. We sold the house in 1999.

The project was great, but we needed to move much faster & that would take more money. Through some additional seed funding from the Winnipeg Development Agreement, we were able to secure four properties and attract the skills of a general contractor committed to helping us with the project. The Manitoba Baptist Association backed our church for a line of credit at Royal Bank, and we started renovations. A private purchaser of another home also contracted with us to renovate their home, and we have secured several other homes from the city of Winnipeg. Presently, we are receiving assistance from the City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba for the renovation of future homes via the WHHI (Winnipeg Housing and Homelessness Initiative).

All of the homes are being renovated for single-family owner-occupancy.

Some of the people hired to renovate each of these homes are from the community. This builds community pride and a sense of ownership of the project.

All of them were rooming houses, vacant & boarded up for over a year. Without displacing people, we are saving homes from demolition, providing affordable quality homes and helping to restore a balance of homeownership in our community.
If you have skills in building trades or know of companies open to donations or great deals on materials - please let us know!

Charitable donations can be receipted for income tax purposes.

Even more, you can walk through our area knowing you're helping restore a community - as well as a home for a family!
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