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Wild Tomatoes?

The "Tommy Tomatoes" (at 715 Ellice - on the corner of Victor) restaurant & cocktail lounge applied for a change in the zoning laws to allow them to have a full-scale "cabaret" (nightclub) for about 270 people.

The change in zoning would have removed any significant requirements for food service (it would move from a minimum of 40% food to 10% food service) and change the focus to liquor and live music from 4:00pm to 2:00am. This would likely bring a change in clientele as well - a younger, partying crowd.

While most people feel there's nothing wrong with younger folks partying, many people were concerned with up to 270 people who have partied all evening to live music, spilling out onto the streets at 2:00 in the morning.

In a similar situation, residents of the area surrounding the Palamino Club are constantly complaining about the noise, tresspassing and other trouble which occurs related to the operation of that nighclub. And that cabaret is on Portage Avenue - not smack in the middle of a residential area!

The Board of Adjustment has already voted against the application, saying that this use would create "a substantial adverse effect on the amenities, use, safety and convenience of the adjoining property and adjacent area."
On Thursday, October 19, 2000, City Councillors supported the decision of the Board of Adjustment.

This means that Tommy Tomatoes has to continue improving their business under the present zoning - without the expansion provided by a cabaret zoning.

If you like their efforts to improve, be sure to support them.
Thanks to all those who did the petitions, came to meetings and spoke up. The only way to be heard is to stand up and speak up!