Some people apply for jobs but have no phone number to leave on applications. How can employers call with an interview or job offer? CONNECT 2 gives you a contact number!

Some people have no fixed address. How do employers, doctors, workers, family and friends leave messages for them?
CONNECT 2 gives a reliable, confidential way to leave messages!

Some people are concerned about safety and will only leave their phone number with their most trusted friends.
CONNECT 2 offers a safe, confidential contact number.

CONNECT 2 lets you have a phone answering service even if you don't have a telephone. Many agencies, businesses and churches have phones you can use for free. You can also use a friend's or relative's phone to retrieve messages.

Now you can get your own messages! And this voice mailbox is free!

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free voice mailboxes -
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Ever been unable to get telephone messages?

Maybe you don't have a phone. Maybe you can't afford an answering machine or voice mail.

So you find a friend, relative or agency that agrees to take messages for you. But what if they forget to tell you or lose the message?

CONNECT 2 can help you!
Development of the Project

The idea for CONNECT 2 began in 1999 with Reverend Harry Lehotsky, an inner-city pastor who often found it difficult to relay messages about job offers, medical appointments, welfare and family concerns to people who did not have phones.

Harry Lehotsky & Celicia Sequeira, Manager of Community Development for Royal Bank, began researching whether the computerized voice mail technology used by business could provide voicemail services for people in Winnipeg. In April 1999, they approached the provincial government to explore a partnership to setup a community voicemail service.

Keith Wilson from IBM provided the use of a computer system for the project. The Royal Bank donated a secure space for the system in an inner-city branch.

In January 2000, Tim Sale (Minister of Family Services and Housing) announced support for the voicemail pilot project and invited more community partners to join. Family Services and Housing chaired the next phase of the project, and helped establish evaluation guidelines for the pilot project. A formal project description will help us share our experience with other communities.

In May 2000, CONNECT 2 became operational as a pilot project. Through the participating agencies, the CONNECT 2 pilot offers 1,500 free voice mailboxes to people in Winnipeg.

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