Burt goes to Scandinavia-2004

Burt goes to Alaska-July 2003

Burt visits Wyoming (August 2001)

Burt's students go to a computer show

What makes teaching worthwhile


Austria-August 2000

I have put together a number of sites that tell the story in words and pictures.

Be sure to visit #9

1.Click here to see the first group of pages on Austria

2. Travel with us to Berlin and the wall

3. Visit the Baden, Austria area with me and learn how the locals live

4. Now we travel to Budapest and see a slightly different culture

5. Burt travels to Vienna alone, does he survive? 

6. Off we to another city to the south, see more and find out more about the real Austria under the strange eyes of Burt

7. Off to see one of the real experiences of Austria in Melk

8. The trips Samantha tried to run me to death, here is her best effort

9, This you must see so it will never happen again.

10. Some notes and topics of unusual interest

11. The Austria-Cape Cod Connection