Wilson College Model Horse Show

World Collectors Net Wilson College Model Horse Show - NAN QUALIFIED

NEW DATE: January 27, 2007
Location: Wilson College Laird Hall .
Wilson_College_Directions Go to Quick Links to get directions.
Time: Show starts at 8:00. Show Hall Opens at 7:00 for set-ups.



All Fees are Half Price for Current Wilson College Students (current student ID must be presented when you register on show day)
- OF Halter Only- $25
- CM Halter Only - $25
- Resin Halter Only - $25
- Performance - $20
- Performance and OF Halter- $40
- Performance and CM Halter- $40
- Performance and Resin Halter- $40
- Performance and Two Halters- $60
- Halter Only - $25
- Performance Only - $15
- Both - $30
Collectors Class: $5 per entry, one entry per person.
For sales only: $15

Table Space:

1/2 of a table is included with your entry fee. The other half may be purchased for an addtitional $10.00.

Entries Due:

Pre-Entries close January 19th 2007. All entries recieved after that date will incur a late fee of $5.00.

Notice: There will be no Vendor this year, however if we receive enough donations, we will be having a raffle

If you are in need of a place to stay please check out the Hotel Listings Page

Entry Information

There are two ways to enter this show:
1. Send the E-Mail Entry Form and follow it with payment with in 10 days.
OR 2. Send the Printable Entry Form with payment.
Seating for this show is limited so get your entries in quickly.

Definition of Divisions:

- Open: Anyone may enter this division.
- Novice: For showers who have been showing 2 years or less and have NEVER won a Grand or Reserve Grand Championship. Shows ONLY their own models. May not sell anything or offer any services at their table. Any customs shown in this division must have been done by the shower.

Finish Definitions:

- Original Finish (OF): Model must be exactly as it left the factory. No paint added or removed. Touch-ups are allowed but must not cover more than 10% of the total surface area of the model. Includes all brands of models.
- Custom (CM): Any model that is altered from itís original state.

Rules (please read thoroughly):

1. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Any person found acting in this manner will be excused from the show hall without a refund of entry fees.
2. No cross entering between Open, Novice, or Youth.
3. Halters are not required for halter classes but tack is required for performance classes.
4. Limit of 2 horses per performance class and 3 horses per halter class.
5. Halter/Performance classes will have places 1-6. Collectors class will have places 1-3.
6. All models must be tagged and you must provide your own tags. On one side you must have the modelís number, breed, and gender. On the other side you must have your name.
7. On show day everyone is required to turn in a list of horses that will be showing. This is not due until the end of the day. When you recieve your entry confirmation you will be given further instructions on both this and the numbering system for your horses.
8. Each horse will be assigned a number and these numbesr will be recorded by the judges. The results will be compiled by matching these numbesr to the horse lists. This saves the judges from having to write all of the winner's names out and ensures correct spellings of horse's names.
9. Large classes may be cut down to the top horses by having a piece of string placed across the horseís back. All non-strung horses must be removed immediately so that the final judging may take place.
10. There will be a 3 minute time limit between halter classes and a 5 minute time limit between performance classes. THIS WILL BE ENFORCED!!!!
11. Collector's classes may be set-up anytime during the morning and will be judged just after lunch. A ten minutes to judging call will be provided for last minute adjustments.
12. Championships will be done by callbacks. When called you will have 5 minutes to bring up the horse and required ribbons. Horses not on the table within 5 minutes will miss out.
13. Classes that require description cards must be accompanied by one or they will be disqualified from competition.
16. Do not touch other peopleís models.
16. If you break something you are required to pay the owner for it.
17. No Alcoholic Beverages are allowed on the premises.

Novice Division - show table One

Judge - Performance - Bobbi Devine Halter - Joanna Bechtel
Performance Division
Tack Required. Dolls Optional
Classes with a * after them require a description card.

1. Harness 2. Working Western (cutting,working cow, ect) *
3.Western Games * 4.Western Trail *
5. Other Western* (reining ect.) 6. Western Pleasure
7. Hunter/Jumper * 8. English Trail *
9. Dressage* (state level and Gait) 10. Other English *
11. English Pleasure 12. Arabian Costume
13.Historical Costume * 14. Other Costume *

Champion and Reserve Novice Performance

Halter Division
Halters Optional - Any CMís must be done by the Shower.

15.Arabians 16.National Show Horses/Half Arabians
17. American Saddlebreds 18. Morgan
19. Quarter Horses 20. Paints
21. Appaloosa 22. TB/STB
23. TWH/Any Other Gaited 24. Spanish (Paso in this class)
25. Pony Breeds 26.Donkey and Mule
27. Any Other Pure Breed 28. Mixed/Grade
29. Draft Breeds 30.Exotics
31.Mustangs 32.Foals (this will include all breeds)

Champion and Reserve Novice Halter
Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Novice Division

Open Division

Open Division may be split.(OF,CM & Resin shown together) Performance Judge - TBA
Performance Division: Tack Required. Dolls optional
Classes with a * after them require a description card.

Western Performance
1. Harness 2. Working Western* (cutting, working cow, ec
3.Western Games*4.Western Trail
5.Other Western* (reining, ect)
6. Western Pleasure*

Champion and Reserve Western Performance (Classes 1-5)

English Performance

7.Hunter/Jumper *
8.English Trail *9.Dressage *
10.Other English* (saddle seat included)11.English Pleasure

Champion and Reserve English Performance (Classes 6-10)

Other Performance

12.Other Performance*
13. Arabian Costume14. Historic Costume *
15.Other Costume*
16. Grooming and Showmanship

Champion and Reserve Other Performance (Classes 1, 12-16)

Champion and Reserve Overall Performance

Halter Division (Same for OF and CM):

CM Halter Judge - TBA
OF Halter Judge - TBA
Resin Judge-TBA
OF Halter - Show Table One
CM Halter - Show Table Two Resin Halter- Show Table Three

Halters Optional

*=OF Only

**=CM Only

~=Resin Only

1.Arabians 2. NSH/Part-Arabians 3 American Saddlebreds 4. Morgan
5. TB/STB/SH 6. Paint 7. Appaloosa 8. QH
9. TWH/MFT 10. Spanish, gaited 11. Spanish, non-gaited 12. Mustang
13. Clyde/Shire 14. Belgian/Percheron 15. Other Draft Breeds 16. UK Ponies
17. American Pony Breeds 18. Other Pony Breeds 19. Other Pure Breeds 20. Foals (All Breeds)
21. Mixed/Grade 22. Mules/Donkey's 23. Exotics 24. Breyer Traditional*
25. Breyer Classic/Little Bit* 26. Breyer Stablemates* 27. Other Makes* 28. Regular Run Stone *
29. Special Run Stone * 30. Pebbles * 31. Repaint Only ** 32. R/H Only **
33. RRH** 34. Artist Custom~ 35. Resin Trad. Other Artist~ 36. Resin CL/LB/SM other Art.~

Champion and Reserve Light Breeds (Classes 1-3)
Champion and Reserve Gaited Breeds (Classes 4-6)
Champion and Reserve Sport Breeds (Classes 7-8)
Champion and Reserve Stock Breeds (Classes 9-12)
Champion and Reserve Draft/Pony Breeds (Classes 13-16)
Champion and Reserve Other Breeds (Classes 17-19)
Champion and Reserve OF Make (Classes OF 20-25)
Champion and Reserve CM Finish (Classes CM 20-25)
Champion and Reserve Open OF Halter
Champion and Reserve Open CM Halter
Champion and Reserve Open Resin Halter
Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Open Division

Fun Classes (open to anyone, no entry fees)

Judge - Wilson College Drill Team Members

1. Anything Goes
2. Fantasy
3. Decorator
***There will be NO China classes offered because we are unable to find a judge this year. Sorry for the inconvience.