Hello Jewel + William fans. How are things in your life. Hope they're going great. I know this is meant to be my own personal home page but, well, Jewel is such a special person to me i just had to let her have part of my web space. A true everyday Angel.

A bit about me first. I build web pages. If you want one made just give me a yell and i'll be happy to see what i can do. I work for reasonable prices and pride myself in never doing shoddy work.

Here is a pic of me.

But what about Jewel. If you dont know who she is then, well, you should! She is one of the sweetest women on the this planet. Firstly she is honest with other people and more importantly to herself, she cares about the world and its inhabitants, and most importantly she sings with the voice of an angel.

Now some Jewel Pics.

God! She sure is one pretty lady. Now 4 more Will Pics

OK! So i once had long hair. Laugh if you want. I know i looked like a girl. Please don't point that out to me as my brother does quite often. By the way, The girl is my cousin and the Man was my Judo teacher.

But Jewel is just too pretty. Here are more pics. I know you've been waiting for them.

Will Pics and Jewel Pics, both of them nice, but how about a pic with Will and Jewel in it.

How cute. But I still have one more pics to use, so I had better use it.

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