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Hail, Guest! We ask not what thou art;
If Friend, we greet thee, hand and heart;
If Stranger, such no longer be;
If Foe, our love shall conquer thee.

    ĖAuthor Unknown

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious."
    ĖAlbert Einstein

Welcome! :)

Here youíll find ramblings, daydreams, and stories. These collectively sum me up better than I ever could myself, so all Iíll offer as introduction is this:

Iím a Mad Scientist, a Walking Disaster, and a Professional Distraction.

I like puppies, sunflowers, and chocolate. I also like video games, punk rock, and Medieval weaponry. I also like Shakespeare, astronomy, and Sherlock Holmes.

My favorite sights are lighthouses, redwood trees, and the way sunlight filters through the clouds on overcast days.

My favorite sounds are music, thunder, and the noise of crickets chirping in the bushes on hot summer nights.

My favorite tastes are lemonade, carmel, and my momís macaroni and cheese.

My favorite smells are cinnamon, woodsmoke, and the salty breeze near the ocean.

My favorite feelings are sunshine, walking barefoot through soft grass, and the wind whipping my hair around.

And my favorite things in the entire world are people and stories.