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Wicked Sephiroth's Realm
This site was created 2/22/02.  It was last updated 5/9/02.

Hello! I am Ian Susag, a student in the new directions computer program. This site is an assignment for my web page development class.  I enjoy things like great classic and new RPGs, the same categories of anime, and a lot of Dragonball /Z/GT. This, in my opinion, is the best series produced to date. It is about the heroes' repeated battles against Aliens that have come to take over earth. Add hilarious dirty and clean humor, Awesome Hard-core blood-filled Anime battling, and you've got quite a show. A treasure among anime, although Vampire Hunter D rivals its greatness (especially now that bloodlust has come out!). I also like skiing, and have a page about colorado ski resorts. If you like skiing and live in Colorado, chech it out at

Want to see Vampire Hunter D?

Cool pic, huh?!

Links Page
    This site is about my interests and I. This link will provide you with some cool sites about various things. There is something for everyone! This is also where you can find a page about myself.

Here is a page I made for my Web Page Class. It is about Colorado Ski Resorts.

Super Saiya-Jin Power!
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(If your computer is slow its not even worth it)

Colorado Online School Consortium

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