Cute pictures of my pet

Here's my page dedicated for my pets, whom I love very much. You can tell with the many pictures I have!


aka Dummy, Fat Ass, Dumb Ass

With the oddball nicknames he has, he's a really nice cat. The one thing I always pick on him for is his drooling.


aka Buffer, Buffer Girlfriend
Squeaker, Little Runt

Buffy sleeping under the 1999 Christmas tree.

Here's Buffer on top of our computer.

Buffy sometimes lives up to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer character almost. She feels as though she rules the house, even though she's the tiniest thing you've ever seen!


aka Jettboy, Little Rascal, Beautiful

Jett trying to get some fresh air, by looking out the laundry room window..

With the new cats in our house, I don't see much of Jett. He's usually hiding, but I can still find those gorgeous golden eyes!


aka JoJo Beans, Big Bubba

JoJo's a sweetie of course, but he's getting fat like Koshka, thus earning his nickname of "Big Bubba."
Oh dear...


aka Snicker-Roo, Handsome

Nickie's adorable! He likes to lounge around the house most of the day. He's such a sweetie though.


aka Foxy Boy, Wacko, QT

The newest addition to the family. :)

Fox likes to watch tv for some reason.

Fox with Kaela.

Fox was brought home to us after my dad found him on a morning jog one day.
I named him after a character from my favourite tv show, Fox Mulder from the X-Files. :)


aka Daisy Duke

Daisy trying to do my biology homework in 1995. Kinda bored her I guess.

^ My most fave picture of Daisy.

Daisy will remain to be faithful dog to us, even though Kaela's a real pain in the ass.


K-Bear, Dog, Kamel

Take note of Koshka in the background.

Here's a better picture of Kaela, with her "Whatcha doin' with that?" look.

She's become a nice dog, but too annoying sometimes. She got her Kamel nickname after having a hump on her back for a few days, some infection that's hereditary.


aka The Real Man in my Life

In loving memory of the first love in my life.


aka Little Miss Witch

For some odd reason, Alana comes down on the page because we haven't seen her since before Thanksgiving 2001. Not that I miss her or anything, but you have to wonder what might have happened....

Other pictures

Here's an old picture I found of Danno and Koshka together!

JoJo and Nickie together. They're brothers by the way. Very vocal and lovable!

Koshka and Buffy in one picture. Strange for some reason.

The two dogs together, they're inseperable. Daisy doesn't look too happy cuz she knows I love taking pictures of her!