My Favourite Links

Listed below are the pages I visit quite often. I know there's a lot of links, but my bookmarks can get messy if I don't organize them somewhere!
Enjoy your adventures!


The Beatles

This band gets a special recognition from me because they are extra special to me.
The Fest for Beatle Fans
The largest on-line mail order catalogue of the Beatles.

Artists' Links

- In alphabetical order

The Official Sheryl Crow Site

Chantal Kreviazuk - The Official Website

Sarah McLachlan
The mother of Lilith Fair, a Celebration of Women in Music.
Lilith Fair
The Sea of Waking Dreams: A Sarah McLachlan Website

The Nix Fix - Dedicated to the music of Stevie Nicks

The official Tom Petty and the Hearbreakers Website

Mesmerizing - Another Liz Phair Website
Managed by Ken Lee, who does a really good job maintaining and updating info about Liz. I highly recommend this site!
Liz Phair - the Official Site
Liz Phair - Guyville
The best Bruce Springsteen site on the net in my opinion!

Television shows

Desperate Housewives
Survivor - China
CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Dancing with the Stars
The X Files
The official site to my most favorite show in the world.

Friends' pages

Mousefreek's Insanity Ward Matt Schlagheck
The Halpern Family
The Sheeran Family
Leah Andreone
I know the website manager.

Online sites
The site for the best magazine around. Tons of info along with pictures, uploads and more!
The site to my favorite tv channel, even though this site can be crappy.
AngelWinks Heavenly Post Card Shoppe
A great site for low price DVDs!
Gas Price Watch Reporting Form
Think you're getting ripped off at the gas pump? Report them!