My Tribute to Dark Horse

George Harrison

On November 30, 2001, I logged onto the school computer at Flagler College before my first class, hoping I'd find my mother online so I could chat because it was rare that we both be on at the same time. I asked her how she was doing and and she responded that she was sad. Then I asked her why, she told me in four words:

George Harrison is dead.

I automatically broke out in tears because it was so unexpected when I thought he was on the road to recovery, remembering very well of his words he released in the summer that he was doing fine. I was silent in my own tears for about two minutes or so till my mother wanted to know if I was still there. I was, but more than anything at the moment, I wanted to be at home and not at the school that I had dreamt of attending and worked so hard for. I wanted to be in the comfort of my familiar surroundings, even though school was becoming a second home for me. Basically, I wanted to be with someone who would be able to share my pain with, since my mother is also a big Beatles fan as I was. It was hard to get thru my first two classes before I had a three hour break till the afternoon classes. When I went to my dorm room, the first thing I did was put on George's All Things Must Pass album and broke out bawling: Why George? The most peaceful man that I admired so much? I cried for nearly two hours straight, the pain was unbearable. It was unbearable because none of my friends could actually understand why I responded the way I did. The Beatles are a part of me and if one dies, a part of me dies too. The Beatles have shaped my character in some way. So, I was left alone to mourn George almost. Had it not been for a friend of mine to invite me to her house in Deland for the weekend, this story may have been different. While at her house, I thought of how my mother might have been when she heard of John's death nearly 21 years earlier and the pain she felt. When this thought came across, I all of a sudden understood what those pictures of the people camping out in front of the Dakota in 1980 meant. It was also at my friend's house where I had a dream of George that made me feel better. I don't know if it is odd to say that my sudden crying at the mention or thought of George's name stopped when my mother sent me an article through an email, informing me of what Olivia and Dhani did to his body. It was a relief I guess (?) because I knew in my heart that that was what George would have wanted. He had walked the path and was at peace.
For You, George
(December 1, 2001)

Gently weeping is what
I tried to do.
But how could I
when you were part of me?
Peace, love, joy, light
you've brought to me.
Then sorrow
much too painful.
I know you're much happier now
for you weren't afraid.
More admiration for you
for all you've shown, taught.
Death can be graceful
and nothing to fear.
Thank you so much.

Universe embracing your soul
as you join your friend.
Please be quiet and try not
to make too much racket.
Be a star and shine everlasting bright.

You gave so much to us
and lived in our hearts.
Thank you for everything
and we'll see you again
When we'll walk
behind that locked door.

My tattoo tribute to John and George that follows the theme of John's song, "Instant Karma," where we all shine on like the moon and the stars and the sun.

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