My calling as a prophet

This is completely fictional. It was a quiz taken in my Introduction to the Old Testament class where we were to "compose an autobiographical story that recounts your calling as a prophet of the world today." We were to also include the four common characteristics of call narratives found in most prophet stories: 1. appearance, 2. excuse, 3. empowering event, 4. message.

Here is my story:

One day, while Katie was walking through Strawberry Fields, a place where nothing is real, she encountered something out of the ordinary. She stood still, frozen in her tracks for she saw the ghost of John Lennon standing in front of her. Katie shielded her eyes and kneeled, for she could not look at him in the face.

"Katie, Katie," John called. (appearance)

"Yes? Here I am," Katie answered.

"I ask of you to carry a message to the rest of the world. Those who live in hate and love, especially those who do not know me and the Beatles."

Katie started to shake, her palms sweating. "For what reason shall I deliver your message? You have the wrong person for I may not hear the people's questions and sometimes I do not speak well," Katie replied. (excuse)

John still stood there and calmly said again, "I ask of you to carry a message to the rest of the world. I have chosen you because you have carried my memory so well and this will be your reward."

Ignoring what John had said, Katie answered, "I have a speech impediment sometimes and I wear bilateral hearing aids. What if I cannot hear the people's questions?"

John said, "I have heard you sing my songs and you sing well. There is no impediment when you know what you're talking about. Do not worry about hearing the people's questions, for they will listen to you."

John walked to Katie, who was slowly gaining confidence in looking at his face. John held out his hands and there was a guitar. "Take this guitar and sing my songs to the world and the world will be enlightened."

Katie burst out laughing and exclaimed, "But I do not know how to play guitar!"

John gave Katie his guitar and gave her a pick. Amazingly, Katie held the guitar like a professional. "Sing my songs to the world and the world will be enlightened," John said again.

Katie looked to the sky and heaved a sigh. She put her fingers on the strings and automatically started strumming her favourite song, "Imagine." (empowering event)

Before Katie knew it, John transformed himself into a white dove and flew onto her shoulder. Katie looked at the dove and gave it a weak smile. She turned head to where John once stood and saw an audience listening to her.

Then Katie made appearances around the world, carrying the message that everyone must know who the Beatles are (especially George Harrison, for everyone always forgot him!) and know their music. John's message to the world was still "Imagine" and that there is still enough space for love to fill.

Additional comments from the author:

This was written on October 12, 2001, three days after John's birthday and then a few weeks before George's death. This is piece of fiction is very special to me and this is the first time I have looked at it since it was written. Hope you have enjoyed. July 31, 2002.