Pictures of me

Gaga goo goo! Me as Katie-Do, a nickname my dad gave me.

*bleh* My dance team picture, 1996.
I was only on the team for a year.

My senior picture, 1998.

^ My tattoo, it's on my right ankle. ();)

This was my first car. I named it Rubber Soul, after The Beatles' album.

My current car! Yeah! A '91 Toyota Celica convertible! I named it Spaceegg, an ode to Liz Phair's whitechocolatspaceegg album.

Me with celebrities I've met!

Lisa Loeb in Sapphire Supper Club.
August 11, 1998.

Jay Bellerose, Paula Cole's drummer, outside Orlando Arena.
October 4, 1998.

Peter Stroud, Sheryl Crow's guitarist. Outside UCF Arena, March 19, 1999.
See story here.

Liz Phair, outside of Mandel Hall at University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, April 17, 1999.
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