Welcome to the Westminster Christian School Computer Lab home page, featuring downloadable assignments, computer based education and explanations of classroom policies and proceedures, all in a palm tree rich environment.
This web page contains information concerning Westminster's experiments in Electronic Declaritive Paraliminal Asynchronous Learning.  This is a totally new way to teach students using biofeedback techniques, developed by  educators specifically for classroom use.  This web page also contains WCS Research Links, Middle School gaming links and an online cyber library created by Bonnie Lindblom, media specialist.  It is our desire to help students do their research  in less time while producing a superior product.  It is our passion and to stimulate each student's desire to learn, and dazzel their imaginiations.
Introduction to the classes.
Class goals, required materials, teaching techniques
Economic System Information Packet
Students bid for work, get paid when it is perfect then buy their grades with the "money" they earned.
A text for beginning programmers based on Microsoft's Quick Basic 4.5
Quick Basic Download
Quick Basic 4.5, a compiler used by beginning programming students.
Mastery (c)
Biofeedback style
learning designed to teach more in less time and to help students improve their learning abilities.
Middle School After School Care Program
Students advance their high level thinking skills while they wait for their rides home.
An Internet Tutorial
An award winning Interent interactive tutorial funded by the National Science Foundation
Dave's Site
An interactive Web authoring tutorial for HTML
Quick Basic Page
Tips, tricks, chat and downloads for Microsoft QBasic
PC Robot Under Construction
Circuits, Drivers, Sensors for building your own computer controlled robot.
VB Gaming Land
Tutorials on sprites, Visual Basic games, VB tips & tricks
RPG in Visual Basic Tutorial
Thorough, easy to follow tutorial.
Theo's VB Site
Newbie info
Atacom Online Computer Vendor
Purchase computers, components cafeteria style
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Using Visual Basic 6 by Que
Visual Basic 5 Night School