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WCW Thunder Rewind>>>>>>>>>>
After being on the self for two months, former world champ Booker T came face to face with the current world champ, Scott Steiner. Booker T tried to get a title shot, but CEO Ric Flair wouldn't have it.
Booker T and Scott Steiner met in a historical rematch that took place at Mayhem. Although the match was interrupted, Booker T still got his famous Book Hand on Steiner.
The Jung Dragons showed Mike Sander and Kwee-Wee that they were the better team as they moved to face Kidman and Rey. This cruiserweight action could really be useful with all those injured and retired superstarts like Sting, Nash and Goldberg. The cruiserweight division could really spike of WCW's performence. Also on Thunder, Konnan squared off with Mike Awesome in a single's match up. Awesome came away with the win as he Awesomed Bombed Konnan.

That was your WCW Thunder Rewind! Check back Friday for your WCW Monday Nitro Preview!
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