Ontario's Mob
Government Cultivating Addicts
on slots and gambling at the
Casino Rama - Casino Niagara - Casino Windsor
Organized Crime by Government
They control the Gambling Clip-joints, the Numbers Rackets, the Booze Rackets, and the Drug Rackets in Ontario, Canada. They are the cause of murders, suicides, bankruptcies, addiction, thefts and family catastrophies. They thrive on the weak and elderly addicted to gambling, on the sick addicted to their booze and drugs and like all "racketeers" their profits are more than tenfold  what the people who manufacture the products make.

   Like any drug dealer they cultivate their victims and then destroy them.

   Who are we talking about?  Al Capone in Chicago? Hell's Angles in Montreal? Maybe the Sopranos?

No. We are talking about the Government of Ontario in Canada with their Casino Clip-joints (Rama, Windsor and Niagara Falls and Racetracks), Numbers Racket (Lotto 649 etc.), their Booze Racket (L.C.B.O.) and their Drug Racket (Tobacco).

   This Government has learned over the last 12 years or so that there is a lot of money to be soaked out of addicts. They pretend that their actions are for the overall good of the Province while they virtually ignore the human calamity left in their wake and provide next to nothing in remedial funding for their victims. Instead of providing protection their primary objective is to make as much money from those citizens that can protect themselves the least, the elderly (as seen in these Casinos during the daylight hours) and the addicted. Those that say it is a tax on the weak and the most unfortunate are speaking the truth. Let us get one thing straight, the actions of the Ontario Government is not just to generate enough revenue to cover the cost of addiction to the tax payer but to behave like a dope dealer and take the addicts for all for all they have got! 

These parasites should not be involved in owning casinos where there is an enormous conflict of interest in that they also make the rules, one of which ensures secrecy and a monoply that results in casinos not having to compete against each other. No less of a parasite are those that agree with the Government just to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

      The fallacy about harmful effects from
second hand cigarette smoke is nothing more than a smoke screen to allow Governments to cash in on smoking addicts. The body is exposed to all sorts of cancer causing contamination (not just second hand smoke) on a daily basis and provided it does not exceed "Government Accepted Levels" we are told everything is fine, but when it comes to second hand cigarette smoke we a programmed to believe that one whiff will kill you. It suits not to have "Government Accepted Levels" on second hand cigarette smoke. Any intelligent person should condemn smoking altogether but there are other "lifestyles" now being promoted that have caused untold deaths and misery to innocent people (not to mention expense to the health system) and these people are not even taxed on their behaviour. What about the hypocrisy of some fast food chains that do not allow smoking in their outlets but for years they have been serving food laced with cancer causing agents to the kids of this country. The main reason for no smoking in these places is a coporate decision to save money on painting and cleaning which can run into many hundreds of thousands of dollars for these chains. Smokers are just an easy target for the "Mob".

       It is amazing how the same Government that condemns cigarettes actually allows the spending of millions of dollars on the promotion of "Booze", not just by the booze companies but also by the their very own L.C.B.O! This is a product that has left a bigger trail of carnage and destruction than cigarettes could ever do, not to mention the harmful health effects on addicts. The Government pays for a lot of anti-smoking advertising but will not advertise the fact that
18% of all cases treated in Ontario hospitals emergency rooms (28% in Muskoka) are booze related diagnosis.It is a mystery why someone has not yet sued both the Government and the booze companies for damages attributed to the consumption of the stuff. I have yet to see a warning on a beer bottle!
Booze is a product for which the Government has the exclusive distribution rights in Ontario and they should be held responsible for the miseries associated with it. Someone PLEASE take them to court. A drunk driver is the responsibility of the booze companies and the Ontario Government, just as the tobacco companies were held responsible for their damage.

      Regarding gambling, the Ontario Government has started a locomotive that they cannot stop. To do an about turn on gambling would mean facing the wrath of Ontario's Native Peoples and that would never happen. The only responsible  thing for them to do is to make the casinos more entertaining by making sure their citizens have a
reasonable chance to win instead of taking them to the cleaners for all they have got as they are doing now. 

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