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This is the family history of David Eric Weiler and his wife Janet Kay Ebersole. The genealogy traces the Weiler family back to Andrew Weiler who was born in 1725 in Switzerland. He was David's great-great-great-great-great Grandfather. It includes the Memoirs of Jacob Weiler who was born March 14, 1808 in Pennsylvania and died March 24, 1896 in Salt Lake City. He was one of the 144 men and three women Mormon Pioneers who left Nauvoo, Illinois with Brigham Young to travel to Salt Lake City. He was a High Priest, Bishop and Patriarch of the Church.

It is also the story of the Ebersoles. Janet's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was
Konrad Aebersold, born in 1519 in Bern, Switzerland. The Newhouse side of Janet's family goes back to Thomas Newhouse who died before September 17, 1835 at Pike Township, Stark, Ohio. The Luzader lineage goes back to Jacob de Louzada, a Shepherdic Jew from Spain who was born in 1670 and includes an Indian Princess, the daughter of Chief Little Bear of the Creek Indian Nation.

Janet's ancestry also includes a relationship to
Charles W Foster, one of the founders of Fostoria and his son,
Charles (Calico Charlie) Foster, Governor of Ohio
and Secretary of the U. S. Treasury.
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Other Families include the
Nock's, the Padget's, the Kirkby's, the O'Malley's, the Snader's, the Wesolek's, and the Lantz families.

WORLD TREE has over 9500 names and connects Martha Ebersole's family to President Herbert Hoover. It also contains numerous Biographies, Obituaries and Sources We also have a duplicate database at GENCIRCLES.

There are family
photo albums, and photos of the Weiler 2002 Family Reunion. The Surname Pages are now complete. We have added a page of tombstone photos. We will be adding some older family photos soon so please check back.

The latest addition to the site includes a
Register of the descendants of some of the ancestors of David and Janet.

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