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>Hey! Guess what's happening in the Bay? Noooo... did you say "rain?" Think you heard wrong? Well, rain tomorrow across the Bay and scattered hail at times. It will be a brisk 30F by late tonite and I'm thankful that I got out this afternoon to goof around, pushing off my research design paper for a later time. Now I can expect poor weather and concentrate on finishing this paper!
>I installed the derailleur and the pedals this afternoon. I'll snap a few pics tomorrow and include them with the weekend post on Sunday.
>My hand was trembling throughout the duration of my debate. It was awful, AWFUL I tell ya. I might was well have been on my knees begging for the guillotine. Such a wreck am I. However sad my story, I am determined to overcome my fear of being rejected by my classmates for being lame.
>I took a wheel truing class last week. I learned how to perform basic truing. So instead of writing a paper yesterday, I spent an hour practicing the steps of truing my rear wheel. The rear is beaten up. I've got major dings on the braking surface, flat spots (imperfect roundness), and loose spokes. The whole wheel may need replacement but at least I can tool around and practice truing without the fear of throwing spoke tension out of proportion.
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>One month and no updates. Why? Cuz the flocks of readers on this site suddenly vanished and I am left with no one to entertain with stories of my white-bread bland life.
>However, I enjoyed a very Un-"Spring Break" washing cars/ surfing auctions/ running errands/ spring cleaning. It's nice to spend time with my family especially now that I know I will be going to UC Santa Cruz in September and won't see them regularly. I have experienced life away from family, and let me be the first to tell ya "It's no easy task adjusting." Now I'll search for an apartment around campus and bike to and from class.
>I've dedicated myself to cycle to campus everyday this quarter. I want to train for more serious cross-country riding this summer, so I'll start by working on fitness. I've got my slick tires for a smooth, fast roll up and down El Monte Avenue. I hope I don't get hit by Foothill student drivers. :-x
>As for the next few months, I'll finish Spring and Summer quarters at Foothill and find a volunteer position at a social support organization for summer. I'm planning on a road trip, not sure where (travel up the west coast?) That's all for now. Late.
>Not much worth mentioning. Received my Java midterm back and am pleased with the marks. Also received notice from UCSC saying I didn't meet the UC's admissions eligibilty requirements. There were no futher details but I suspect I applied without having taken all the required classes. Kinda bums me out but I'm moving on. Just have to set myself up at another university.
>Late in the afternoon I met with a Foothill College Counselor who earned her B.S. of Sociology at Boston University! Our meeting went well. I got clear directions on my next step in this disappointing transfer process: "Call UC Admissions and ask them for specific details why you weren't admitted." Ok, while I go call UCSC and bitch them out, you can go to and listen to some of the best alternative music in my generation. :)
>Progress update: Java project is nearly complete. I never knew data organization could be such a hot topic. Nearly half of my 2-hour meeting was spent contesting how our data should be printed out on screen. ARGH! *sigh*
>After my meeting I picked up my XT rear derailleur and a long sleeve jersey at PBS. It's about time they had a sale on this item, I was growing impatient. :p I'm so swamped for the next two weeks I don't know if I'll have time to install it till spring break in April... I'll have pics of it once I get it installed.
>I'm not excited about the Family Debate I have on Monday. As if I didn't have enough difficulty speaking candidly, and come Monday I'm expected to argue my point in front of thirty people?? ARRRGGHH! In other news, I'm stressed out about the transfer application again. I don't know if any university I apply to will accept me. You know what I need? I need a university that encourages stupidity. I excel in underachievement, but I'm not proud of it.
>Ooh that pizza is excellent! Jason will vouch to this too. "P'izza Chicago" in Palo Atlo is the best pizza restaurant in the Bay Area. I highly recommend the Al Capone with spinach, roma tomatoes, feta, onions, and walnuts. Delightfully delicious!
NEWSFLASH: My locked bicycle was stolen on Saturday, November 23, 2002 outside Stevenson Hall at Sonoma State University. More... Street Sign Flyer, Story of Events on Day of Theft