Central Railroad of New Jersey
My N Scale version of this fallen flag.
I model the Jersey Central Railroad as it was prior to its merger with Conrail in 1976.  The Central was famous for its many commuter trains and coal drags.  I remember it from my boyhood days living in Jersey City and Bayonne, two of the towns its rails ran through.  The Central was a small railroad by comparison to its neighbors the Pennsylvania and New York Central Railroads, but by its own publicity slogan it trully was : "the big little railroad."

Coal and Commuters comprised the bulk of its traffic for over a hundred years. Coal from Pennsylvania traveled on the Central to the Centrals piers and barges to end up warming the people of New York City and fueling factories around the area.  Commuters flocked to the stations every morning to a ride on one of many trains to the classic station in Jersey City (now Liberty State Park) then by ferry to New York.

Bankruptcy and excessive taxes may have ended the original CNJ but it lives on in N scale and in my memories.  Welcome aboard!
Sadly Bankruptcy and Foreclosure caused the loss of my home and the pictures of the N Scale CNJ are now like its inspiration only a thing of history and dear memories. After 25 years of operation on a hollow core door the scrap heap is the final resting place for the Layout.

All aboard! See pictures of my N Scale CNJ