High Performance HomeMadeMods on my ZipZaps PT Cruiser
What we have here is a custom Supercharger with eigth intake nozzels to deliver maximun boost to the new Fuel injected V-8 ;)
Here's a top view, You can see that the driver only lost 75% of his field of vision...BUT who cares
Another view of the car. Some people say the intake nozzles are TOO high...HA!! little do they know that the higher you go the cleaner the air...And with straight intake with no Filters...This Bad BOy needs as cleaner air as it can get.
All that AIR comming in is of little use if the exhaust can't get out fast enough SO headers and Dual oversized exhaust pipes was a MUST.
YUP! It wasn't long before the high temperatures melted the inner baffles and vaporized the bypass Flange, That and after some long calculations and Dyno testing I figured out that the inner cavities of the Flowmaster were restricting 25% of the exhaust gases, I had to GO with this stainless steel Fully Dual Mofflers with Dual Tips from Summit, This babies can handle some serious volumes with .0030" diameter mandrel bent inner steel tubing.
Here's a better look of the chrome tips, and the Dual outlet Force II Flowmaster Moffler with dual tube baffle design with free-flow inner bypass Flange,  You can see the outher casing warpping due to the high temperatures....Should've gone with the ceramic packing. ;( 
Like they say, Power is nothing without control, SO here we see an EXTRA long antena mod for better range and a pair of GripMaster control nobs for confortable and more responsive handling.
Here's my newest upgrade to a pair of "Gripper Performer Plus X-Celerators"
Don't get me wrong the GripMasters are excellent control knobs But The "Grippers" are just top of the line when it comes to Control and Comfort They have a lot smaller footprint which makes them very portable. Once you try this you won't want to anything else. These are like the leather bucket seats of the thumb world.
A closer look of the GripMaster mod, To the inexperience eye these might look like regular "serial connector knobs from a serial mouse" but let me assure you that these are genuine GripMasters. Accept no substitution
WoooHoooo!!! Yet another satisfied customer. I might need to add a set of wheely bars to keep the nose on the ground! :) Smockinggg!!!
Warning: Never carry passengers while drag racing.
WANNA know HOw fast you are spinnin that motor??? Build a Tachcometer here
WANNA know how fast you are really going???  BUILD a CHeAP lap Timer here
How it was done (under construction)
I choose the following materials based on availability and cost(free) ONLY I'm a firm believer in the cheaper the better.
Breadboard, this was my first crappy attempt to cut a small 2 by 4 holes section. but you get the idea!   Some sanding migh be required
IC socket, You'll need to cut into the plastic to avoid damaging the delicate pins.
Pins are then soldered on the breadboard, I guess you can also glue them in place, I liked solder because I could reheat and reposition if any were crooked
Round Nut, Here's the type of round nut I used. One side of the nut was sanded.
Tube connectors, These I used on the exhaust tips, I liked the diameter on the red connector, but You can use the yellow one for the "NOS Nitrous" effect ;)
I used apaperclip to connect the two tips and double sided tape for the moffler.
That completes the straight pipe catback exhaust system, Hopefully it'll pass the emission test
For those of you wondering how I managed such nice closeups: "Well at least I think they are ;)"
NO I don't have an expensive camera, I'll remind you "the cheaper the better". SO I use a Kodak DC3200 1.3 mp. $60, and a lens from a broken binocular. Just hold the lens in front of the camera and you'll be amased of the results, You might need to get used to the focal length of the lens until you find the right distance (from the lens to the object)...Now I would post a picture of the rig, but that would be like a paradox thingy....trying to take  a picture of the instrument that takes the picture type of things..... ;) have fun!

ZiPZap 4.5v Dragster!!!
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