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January 14th 2007
SHOCKED! I update this page! Just to notify my friendly readers that I am going to focus on my
new blog on http://efthi.blogspot.com 
You can still browse this page and the others, like for example my Hunam Unity page (link below), but if you want to read posts more often than every few years, bookmark the above url.  See you around.

Another small update in the HU page.


There is a new section, just thoughts of mine, the link is below.

09 August 2003


This is wdllofzepia' home page.  Nothing fancy yet and propably nothing much till I get a regular career job, thus stability and money to spend as I want.

So, whats in here?  Well, I have a page which I call Games Section (links below) where slowly I want to have links to individual games that I enjoy playing.
Slowly I will have pages for movies and music as well.  Apart from that we will see.

This is the first update in a while now.  Just a few changes in text messages and the like.

So, to all the masses of people reading this, have as much fun as possible, which propably isn't going to be much, but, who cares.

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Wdllofzepia's Games Section
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If you need to contact me, email me at:  WDLLOFZEPIA@YAHOO.COM