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Welcome ... Come in ... Look around ... Have a good time!

Mauve? So what is mauve. Grover is mauve ... well maybe 'he purple';
There's Deep Purple (a fav) and Purple Onion;, but mauve? There's  Simply Red  and a red herring, but mauve? There's a Green Eyed Lady and a green frog called Kermit, but mauve? There's the yellow rose of Texas and the Yellow cabs of New York, but mauve? There's blue grass in Kentucky and blue flame in the fire, but mauve? There's  an orange that is .. but why is a carrot more? AND THAT'S NOT MAUVE FOR SURE ... ... ... ... What the hell is with the damn Bear wandering around the page? Is it a purple bear? No it's a brown bear  AND THAT'S NOT MAUVE EITHER ... ... ... Get inside folks ... ... ... find the MAUVE!
Trillium - Ontario's Official Flower
Ontario Residents Web Ring by the Mauve Grove
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